Coral Crew Code of Conduct

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This is the Code of Conduct we ask all members of the Coral Crew to agree to.

Your Responsibilities

As a Monzo Coral Crew member, we expect you to be an ambassador for the community. That includes:

  • Welcoming new users to the Monzo Community
  • Creating great, engaging topics
  • Encouraging and participating in constructive discussions
  • Passing on feedback to the Monzo team

You have certain forum permissions that other members don’t. We trust you to help keep the forum a neat and tidy place. So, you have the power to:

  • Merge threads on the same topic
  • Split threads when the conversation warrants it.

(For information on how to do this, and our moderation policies, see our guides in the #coral-crew category).

You do not have the power to:

  • Close threads
  • Give out warnings
  • Ban users

You’re our “ears and eyes” on the Community. If there’s something that needs our immediate attention, and it’s already been flagged on the forum, please let us know via the #coral-crew DevSlack channel.

Expectations and Behaviour

Our normal Code of Conduct applies to Coral Crew members too.

But more than that, we expect you to be a shining example for others in the Community. To go above and beyond the minimum expected behaviour outlined in the CoC. In particular we expect you to:

  • Treat all users with courtesy and respect.
  • Show understanding for people who aren’t used to our new style of banking, or forums in general.
  • Avoid escalating heated situations. Use flags or alert us in the DevSlack.

These are subjective, of course, so harder to determine than the rules of our standard Code of Conduct. As always, Monzo staff have the say over whether or not there’s been some misconduct. We won’t tolerate other members of the community flagging your posts if they simply disagree with you.

Quick note: Tone of Voice

We don’t expect you to adopt the Monzo tone of voice. You’ve already got your own voice, after all. But we expect you to uphold the same values we do when it comes to treating people fairly.

For instance, avoid insulting or passive-aggressive language. As Coral Crew members, you set the tone for the rest of the Community, so try to set a positive example!

What happens if you break this Code of Conduct?

Just like the main Code of Conduct, we’ll send you a warning if something you’ve said or done seems out of line. On a third warning, we may briefly revoke your status as a member of the Coral Crew or permanently take you out of the programme. But we hope that doesn’t happen!

Our Responsibilities To You

  • We’ll listen to your feedback and do what we can to act on it. We’ll continue to hold quarterly Leaders chat sessions to gauge where we’re at.

  • We’ll step in to police situations that require it. That means we’ll issue warnings and bans. As a Coral Crew member, please don’t feel like it’s your responsibility to defuse difficult situations yourself.

  • We’ll always respect your individuality and privacy. If you want to take time away from the Community or the Coral Crew programme, that’s always fine!

  • We’ll give you the support to be the best Coral Crew members you can be.

If you have any questions about this Code of Conduct, let us know in the Coral Crew DevSlack channel.

Say hello to the new members of the Coral Crew! 👋
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