Coral Crew Chat

I actually think the opposite, Monzo staff should be operating the company forum. I personally see no value in members of the public having the power to delete/hide/close topics or say what they like be it with a poor attitude or one that make them think that are in authority without recourse.

Guidelines or no guidelines the coral crew should be disbanded and Monzo should run this properly.


Hi Andrew, I don’t agree with this. The Coral Crew help make this a great place to be and it’s great that we can empower our most engaged users to join in with the running of this place.

If you find any examples of Coral Crew members breaking their Code of Conduct please feel free to flag them or ping me directly and we’ll investigate.


Hi Cookywook, I don’t agree with this. I think Andrew has a valid point. I think some Coral Crew have demonstrated a poor attitude and poor judgement on occasion.

I have no objection to them being people who are very positive about Monzo, but they should allow people to express opinions and experiences without trying to drown them out if when those opinions and experiences don’t align with their own.

I’m sure you would want to encourage all customers to contribute and you should allow them to do so.


Hi both, I’ve moved this topic out to a new thread as it’s taking the original Plus thread off-topic.

I know this comes up a lot, and it’s not something I 100% agree with. We welcome all opinions and feedback here, and as a moderator I can say I get a roughly equal number of complaints from both sides of any given argument!

We pick our Coral Crew members based on the value they bring to the community. It’s natural they tend to be Monzo megafans (it’d be a bit strange to spend lots and lots of time here otherwise). But if you ever see behaviour that you think we should act on, I strongly encourage you to report it through the usual channels.


I for the most part think there coral crew do a great job. Moderation is a tough thing to do, having moderated a few forums and still do, I have an idea of what it’s like.

It also frees up the staff to do what they do best.


More than two years ago, I did challenge behaviour of two people.

One was a well-known moderator, the other a regular contributor. I challenged their behaviour via the correct channels and little was done because one of them was doing lots of forum moderation for you at, I presume, no cost.

I must point out that the above pre-dates the Coral Crew.

As for the Coral Crew and how well that works, I have ideas on this but I don’t think the public forum is the right place for us to discuss.


Miaaaooooow :joy_cat:


Whilst we do see members of Monzo staff appear on the forums, I feel that there should be a COps stationed on the forum at all times. To act as a chief moderator to the coral crew and to hoover up threads where customer service has not gone to plan through the usual means. Croal Crew and staff do a great job, but it could be improved.

Whilst I think we have a great crop of Coral Crew who do a fantastic job, I do also feel that a minority, but definitely not all, of the Coral Crew can sometimes cause issues in threads because of their blind faith that Monzo is infallible. Personal views can cloud judgements compared to staff who feel more realistic and approach issues from more of a diplomatic customer service role. Do Coral Crew get customer service training?


Interesting, I moderate on two forums [not fintech] and have to say it can be a thankless task which serves to prove the maxim “you can’t please all of the people all of the time”. If moderators are not behaving in an unbiased and fair [to the argument] manner then that should be reported.

We are all human at the end of the day - and mistakes will happen.

I think you will find that most moderation comes without remuneration.



Sure but most come with other perks that might, depending on your viewpoint might be worth more then payment.

For example a closer working environment with staff or access to pre release software or as is appropriate in this case I think it’s 6 warnings while your CC and then your normal 3 warnings when if they are finally demoted to get their account kicked. Lucky for some! :blush:

Really? First I’ve heard of that

Zero perks for me. I am retired so moderate from home at no cost the the owners of the sites. In return there is a small amount of camaraderie with my fellow Moderators and the pleasure of assisting those who need a little help. R-


I think the Coral Crew, who do this without renumeration (and I don’t believe they get perks at all, maybe some merch but nothing tangible?) do a great job with a very vocal and opinionated set of people in this forum. I include myself in that last statement.

I don’t think Monzo should have employees on here, there are other official channels through which they can communicate, so the fact that some of the Monzo team will post updates on here is fantastic and must be terrifying for them, given how quick we all are to rip apart their hard work.

I don’t know anyone who, as a professional, enjoys criticism about their work, yet many of the Monzo team willingly come on here and open themselves up for that. I hope that never changes, but I fear if Monzo took over running this community, it would or at the very least, it would change the approach of both them and us.

I think there are other ways this community could help itself, a recent post has several suggestions, so perhaps that’s a better place for us to focus?


Or maybe nothing was done because on an impartial assessment, Monzo staff decided your complaint was unsubstantiated and there was no issue with the other users.


Yep it’s true.

Can you link to a post because CC haven’t been told this

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Sure give me some time to find it.

I’m intrigued by this post, it’s the first I’m hearing of it too.

So here is my comment so I’ll get notified when it gets found and posted :slight_smile:

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You’ll be waiting a long time. It doesn’t exist.


I don’t get the people hating on the coral crew. It’s always the same people and they sound like each other. They don’t even seem to like Monzo :woman_shrugging: