Monzo is for mugs!

Sadly you missed out on the $1 offer but hopefully that helps!

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It looks like the bottom is lined up but the top isn’t - It’s messing with my eyes!! :crazy_face: :rofl:

Id actually like a Monzo mug for work… lol! __

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Yeah, I didn’t get it quite on straight!

Where did you get these! :hushed:


I’m now pledging to rein in my sarcasm and belligerent nature in the hope I can become Coral Crew and get me some of this sweet, sweet swag. I think it might be well worth the effort.


One of my top liked posts (can someone make it 20?):

Seems like they’ve heard my desperate pleas- Christmas has come early for me :hot_coral_heart:


So lucky!

So jealous!

Sell it. Will be worth more then the shares!

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It’s everything I’ve wanted :hot_coral_heart:

Still, if I must part with it, I’m accepting starting bids at £1000.


Could always go to Vistaprint and design your own, of course. Now there’s a competition…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(Other such companies provide the same service, of course…).

See if Tom will do staff options in Mugs instead!? You’ll be rolling in it!

Shares are illiquid, mugs are very much all about the liquid


That’s right :slight_smile: They’re amazing volunteers who look after the forum & help out wherever they can on behalf of Monzo :blush::hot_coral_heart: Freeing Monzo up to focus on all the awesome stuff everybody wants :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


And, if I may, all “around” the liquid…:star_struck:

(…I’m here all week :sunglasses:)


Not always. There’s a lot going on on the forum, impossible to read everything or to know the wider context. Coral Crew are able to feed back things directly, especially issues or comments on the way things are communicated. A lot goes on behind the scenes



I’m new to Monzo so I’m interested to know if any Monzo merchandise is available anywhere. Ive recently seen a mug with ‘hotchip’ on it and it looked great but anything like stickers, keyrings, mouse mats, oh and mugs etc.

Perhaps the mug I saw wasn’t official but it did look good and maybe an idea.

If these aren’t available officially and people want them (as long as it’s ok with Monzo) then I know a man who does all that type of stuff and can print ‘Hotchip’ Mugs etc and maybe personalised too, just let me know :+1::smile::sunglasses:

The only official merch I am aware of can be found on
There are some users (like me) who make some unofficial stuff like stickers:
Just got 50 Monzo stickers, anybody want some?

StickerMule has a offer on right now if you want to get some of your own stickers: