New badges!

The question was asked earlier but I’m blowed if I can see an answer in amongst this. What’s a Leader, please?

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The posts explaining our role were hidden because of some minor technical difficulties but I sure I’m ok to share this post from Naji in May 2017 -

This forum is for you, the community, and so the more ownership the community has, the better.

As far as possible we want to empower the Monzo community to moderate the forum as they deem suitable, with our support and guidance. Community leaders are knowledgeable and trusted superstars who drive this forward :star:️ Feedback on the impact the community leaders have made this year has been overwhelmingly positive, and we believe the community will continue to benefit from their hard work. Thank you to forum leaders past and present!

I wanted to share a more structured overview of the aims, benefits and expectations of the forum leader programme, as a reference for others who may like to be involved in the future. Becoming a community leader doesn’t require you to spend hours a day on the forum, all we ask is that you’re someone who is passionate about creating an engaging, inclusive, and generally awesome community experience for Monzo customers.

What is my role as a forum leader?


The nature of discussion here means everything doesn’t necessarily have to be neat and tidy but it does help people navigate their way around the site and find relevant threads more easily. As a forum leader you have level 4 trust and the rights to

-close topics
-archive topics
-make topics unlisted
-split and merge topics
-daily like limit increased by 3×

With level 4 trust you also have permissions to unpin topics and edit posts although these permissions are only to be used in cases where sensitive information has been posted by our users.

Flag support issues

New users often head to the forum with support related questions. When they do, it’s important someone from the Monzo team is on hand to advise. At busy times, it’s easy for us to miss these threads, which is where you can step in to help them out! Forum leaders flag threads which require a contribution from the Monzo team, so that we can pick these up and help resolve their issue in a timely manner.

Regular feedback

As someone who is a forum regular, you have a clear idea on what makes a fantastic community experience and strong opinions on how we can improve and what we’re doing well. There is a dedicated community leaders forum category for up to the minute discussion, and your feedback will directly shape the changes and improvements we decide to make across the forum and in others areas of community too. All community members can access and view this. Users with level 3 permissions can post their thoughts here, but only community leaders can start new threads this category.

What’s in it for me?

You get to see your contributions directly impact on, and improve the community experience for thousands of Monzo users across the UK. Forum leaders get automatic entry to all events hosted by us both free and ticketed too. You’ll also get the odd bit of swag in the post :wink:

How do I become a forum leader?

To become a forum leader you need to be nominated by an existing forum leader, who will share and discuss with the other leaders. Discussion will take place in the community leaders Slack channel to keep the chat focused and will be overseen by myself. Provided there are no major objections, the Monzo team will make a final call and invite successful nominees to join the existing leaders community!

There is no deadline or time limit - I expect the forum leaders programme will grow and evolve as Monzo does. Myself and the Monzo team will be working closely with the forum leaders to ensure the best interests of the wider community are at the heart of every decision we make.

Please feel free to leave questions below and @tomsr @Avishai and @hoddzdj are on hand to fill you in on exactly what it means to be a forum leader!

As far as the site’s concerned, being a Leader gives us the abilities that’re listed in the post that Jack’s shared.


Right ho, thanks Alex.

I see we now have new badges again? :eyes: I prefer these, they make it clearer who’s what level and are more self explanatory.

Apologies for the close ups everyone! :smile:

Well spotted! The new badges are a bit more colourful, and give you a better idea of your community rank.

Remember there’s 3 ranks you can get automatically: New, Member & Regular. And level four is awarded when you join the Coral Crew.

More info here.


The badges are fine. But the numbers, are just :face_vomiting: ! (they are also terribly un-sharp on my screen which makes them look double ugly.)

What device are you using? They look very crisp on my MacBook and iPhone 7.


Windows 10 PC with Chrome.

Looking crisp on chrome here also :man_shrugging:t3:

Do they, really? I only realised after I came here and read your post, that that’s what they are likely meant to refer to. They look the same as the notification badge at the top right, so at first I thought it had something to do with recent activity / notifications.


Means the coral crew badge doesn’t look like a spot anymore so I’m happy


if you’re aware of the trust levels in discourse it’s clearer, if not I guess its a bit confusing. It’s better than just the random colours as how do you remember what one comes first, but thats my opinion. I’m liking that the coral crew now have coral :smiley:

Thinking about it, I agree maybe level 3 could be a slightly different shade to distinguish it more from the notification colour.


Yeah, it’s some screen scaling issue. Windows does that differently from macOS, so that’s gonna be why: you’ll need different graphics for different screens…

If I zoom in enough the badge is crisp for me, too, but then my “N” gets fuzzy …

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I am aware, but I still didn’t get it, until after I read your comment.

Anyway, after being told off, I'll shut up now ;)


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I want my rocket back :slight_smile: :-)ooooh its still there …phew


But I can see your rocket…

Edit: that was quick, they fixed your problem before you finished typing


I can still see your rocket :slight_smile:


And if you’re lucky enough to be a member of multiple groups (like Investors/Alpha Users), let us know if you’d ever like to switch your ‘main group’.


The new badges are definitely a lot cleaner than the last :+1:t3: