How did Monzo create their community forum

thanks @cookywook
Do Monza give rewards or give points for answered questions?
I’m wondering how much a forum like this saves people contacting a call centre or using the in app chat.

Maybe Monza do, but Monzo don’t.


Do bear in mind, though, that the Community is much more than the software (although you need to get that right, obvs :wink:).

Like plants, it’ll need cultivating, looking after and preferably seen as an integral part of the business to thrive…

Company culture (openness and transparency etc) is also important. Be clear about what you can share and what you can’t etc etc…

Good luck!


I know a ‘bank’ that used discourse software and their community was lets just say 1 user and a load of trolling :joy_cat:

They closed it in the end :joy_cat:


One user? A load of trolling?

Just who could that user be?! :thinking::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink:

We don’t use a points-system, but being active in the forum increases your rank. The most active people can become Community Leaders, which you can learn more about here:

Wasn’t me, I don’t troll :upside_down_face:

There was loads of people on there though, it was quite a funny few weeks.

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Before they got discourse I had no idea how ugly the forums could actually have been. I’m glad Monzo is far more sensible. I wonder what is it that compels people to put red text on bright yellow. :joy:

That was gross that colour scheme… then it was white with red text :joy_cat:

I like neon colours on black.

Makes me think of MySpace

Does discourse do the ranking system thing or did that have to be added as a special feature?

If you put neon yellow or red on black I wouldn’t even try to attempt reading anything. One of my lecturers used to do red text on black PowerPoints and I’m blaming her for needing stronger glasses after that year.

Standard feature

Although I think it can be adjusted to fit requirements

FWIW, Discourse is open source like WordPress, and similarly offers either hosted or self-hosted options. I set up a forum very easily on Digital Ocean. I looked at the ‘official’ hosted solution but it was much more expensive. It’s fairly easy to set up, though getting the outbound emails to work properly is a bit of a rigmarole.

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I see Amaiz are also using Discourse for their new community.

Thanks. Is it easy to use once installed and is there any customisation options?

The admin on the front end is really easy, and there are lots of ways you can customise it - though, like WordPress, it’s always obvious you’re using that software. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing - people who visit the forum will know how to operate it.

Customisation is a little tricky, not impossible, but it’s not quite a case of clicking on options panels.

If you go to the ‘official’ hosting, you can sign up for a free 14 day trial, and just cancel at the end. I don’t think they ask for a card to sign up with from what I recall, but I know they didn’t even try to bill me. You’ll be able to test it and see how easy things are.


is discourse good for in-house messaging, or communicating with other team mates?

I’d probably use slack for that


I’m not a fan. Constantly paranoid I’m posting publicly on the forum instead of sending a message. Rarely use it