When will a payment go back into my account?

I recently used a gas and electricity app to top up my meter, the payment didn’t go through on the app and the company said my bank will be holding it as a pending transaction as they’ve received no money from me on their end as the payment wasn’t approved… it says it’s come out my bank on the monzo app on the 11th and doesn’t say pending transaction… they said my bank should put it back into my account within 7 working days is that right? I’ve Never had this problem before so I’m just not sure…

Thanks in advance!

Hi Caitlin & welcome :wave:

If you’d like to ask Monzo about the staus of a transaction, Tap on the transaction, scroll to the bottom of it and tap on ‘SOMETHING WRONG? GET HELP’

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Hi Thankyou! I can’t open a dispute about it yet because it’s only been 6 days, they said it would be refunded by monzo not them as they haven’t received my money and it should be a pending transaction that will be put back by the bank within a week… but it doesn’t say pending it just says transaction made on the 11/03/21… however they’ve received nothing from me in order for them to need to give me a refund. (That’s what they said anyway).

Yes, I believe so. You’re best just waiting for that to pass, then reaching out to Monzo. :slight_smile:


What should happen;

Company says they would like some of your money
Monzo places that money to one side for them
Company comes back with a day or so and claims that money

What’s happened here is that step 3 hasn’t happened yet. Monzo waits to see if they’ll come back and when they don’t, returns it to your account.

It’s not quite a refund as the money hasn’t actually gone anywhere, in the same way on many bank accounts you have a balance and an available balance.

Just to make it more confusing, there is a bug in the app at the moment for pending transactions not saying pending, which is going to be fixed in an upcoming update.

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Are you using an iPhone? I believe there’s also a current bug which messes with pending transactions not being displayed as pending and this is to be fixed in the next few weeks. See this for further info:

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I have Android, wife ios same issue on both.

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Thank you so much you’ve been really helpful

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