Pending transaction and unable to get help

Pending transaction from weeks ago and no refund, totally unable to contact Monzo - tried phone, email, chat, Twitter and messenger and nothing! :sob:

What happened when you tried chat? Nobody replied?

Scroll down the transaction and select “Something wrong” and go through the options?

I’ve done that and just sends me back to chat.

I’ve exhausted everything and the payment from the 24th sept is sat there pending, but I need the money for the merchant


Said they’d put me in touch with a customer service person, but still nothing hours later

It’s not an instant thing and depending on what you ask, you can wait longer. They’re probably just going to come back and tell you that the transaction will automatically drop off.

I can’t remember how many days it takes but it does say somewhere along the line.

It says 14 days but were passed that. Hence me trying to get in touch as the merchant now wants to add additional fees! My husband tried to pay it from his Monzo account and the same thing has happened, tried phoning and can’t get through either…

It’s their fault so they really shouldn’t.

Monzo will get back to you on the chat, it just might/will take a few hours.

If there’s a pending transaction all the merchant has to do is collect it. That’s 100% on them and they can’t charge you more for their failure to do so.

It sounds like their payment system is a bit fubar… this is how nearly all transactions work. They become pending then the merchant claims the money.

Monzo will normally only release the transaction if they have sufficient confirmation that the merchant does not want the money (eg. cancelled order).

sometimes it can take up to 30 days for the money to be returned automatically, i had a similar situation with very i made a payment but didn’t went through and had to wait 30 days for the reversal, there was nothing i could do but to wait but it was only £10

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