Pending transaction PayPal

Hi. I tried to set up PayPal pay in 3 through Argos. It didn’t work and I have a pending transaction for PayPal . This was 21 days ago. PayPal said I would get it back in my account in 10 days. When will I get the funds back? Thanks

Is the transaction pending in your account? Scroll to the very bottom in grey, does it say pending?

Tap something wrong and you’ll get this…

I only did this transaction a few hours ago so mines a legitimate pending one but you may have options to claim it back.

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Yes that what I got. I’ve spoke to PayPal though and they said I will get it back within 10 days as they’ve done everything on there side. Why hasn’t monzo put it back in my account ? I can’t contact them on the app because it just refers me to information about pending transactions

Sounds to me like PayPal aren’t telling the truth.

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Presumably they are waiting for PayPal to say they don’t want it any more.

Technically, the money is still in your account, by the way.

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PayPal’s systems are old and creaky to be fair, it’s no doubt still processing the payment to send it back regardless of what the staff have told you.

I can make a payment on my PayPal credit account which sometimes will show pretty much instantly or other times take up to a week to finally reflect on the account.

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