What's the last bit of tech you bought?

I find the concept that your TV just wouldn’t be on most of the time baffling! :rofl:

Is that the “step up” then from Nmve (or whichever way those letters go).

I’ve been considering upping my boot drive from a 250gb to 1TB. But the hassle of doing so is putting me off…

My next purchase is probably going to be a new CPU cooler, and some fans. After noticing a noisier PC, I started monitoring the temperatures… And boy it’s toasty.

So I need a new CPU cooler. The one I have in mind doesn’t fit my case. So I need a new case too. And the cases I like have glass panels. So I need some RGB… And if I’m getting RGB I might as well get some new RGB ram…

And by the end of the day my “fixing my cooling” will be like this:

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Nmve is just the communication protocol which that drive has too. The two are not one and the same. Or at least that’s my understanding anyway :sweat_smile:

The biggest thing for the one I posted is that it uses PCIe 4.0 so it’s twice as fast as 3.0

That’s exactly what I’m doing, same size and everything however what I have currently is a SATA SSD. I’m hoping that I can simply clone it and that will be job done? :crossed_fingers:


Ah fair, so V-NAND is the “memory technology” (i.e. upgrade from NAND) while NVMe is the upgrade from SATA?

Got it.

Yeah that’s what I understand too. But I guess I’m lazy and that sounds like enough effort to put it off (yet somehow transferring everything to a new case isn’t effort?)

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I think so :laughing: but don’t quote me on it. I just want those read/write speeds!

Getting windows and all my programs on there means it will fly.

That’s still a tender subject for me after doing it recently :broken_heart: I hate fiddly stuff. Be prepared to drop loads of screws, cut your hands threading through cables from your PSU, remove things because you can’t connect other things, squinting at the connector labels on the motherboard and just all round frustration.

Totally worth it though… :thinking::rofl:

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Not necessarily ‘bought’, more ‘repurposed something that was free’:

Sometime late last year, I applied for the free Octopus Energy plushy - ‘Constantine’
I chose to go for the big one instead of the little one, as the kids really like big plushies

It arrived yesterday and was a complete surprise!

Then while looking at this adorable soft-toy, I had a light bulb moment. Literally :bulb:

‘What if I stuck a Philips Hue bulb on it’s head and linked that to my Agile Octopus tariff via IFTTT - so I could place it somewhere like on the top of the fridge and it’d show if prices were currently good or bad?’

So that’s what I did…

Green = Prices good, OK to use washing machine

Red = Prices bad, don’t even think of washing clothes

Under pressure from the kids though, to return the adorable thing into a toy rather than an indicator.

RGB all the things


I applied for one too. Hopefully mine will appear soon then :eyes:

I want to join Octopus JUST to do this.


Do it. I can hook you up with a referral :smirk:

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Niiice mine arrived last week too. I saw that they were allowing people to apply for one again recently and there were lots of complaints from people having not received it from the first time - then a few days later it arrived.

I’m really impressed with the quality of it especially since it was free - it’s stuffed solid :octopus:

Nice. Thank you for sharing. I hadn’t even heard of these. Just ordered one :blush:

In an effort to upgrade my WFH set up I dug out some old passive speakers from storage and then went down a rabbit hole looking for the best way to power them.

Turns out that decent amps have plummeted in price and are now tiny. So I now have one of these babies on my desk driving two bookshelfs and sounding fantastic.

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Premium Braided GPU cable in white

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So a few bits for the list. Ended up getting the new case and cooler I wanted.


And a new case - with a glass side so I’m now tempted to RGB everything.

In theory it should arrive this afternoon. Wondering if I can get through a swap before work in the morning… Maybe that’s a next weekend project.

Also have on the future list a smart vacuum. Do any of you have any you’d reccomend?

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Swapping took me a few hours but it was my first time building.
What takes the longest is cable management and installing the fans. ( got 5 rgb fans in total in mine )

Building the core PC ( cpu,ram,psu,cooler, gpu, mobo, hdd etc ) is fairly quick. But it’s best not to rush and enjoy building it how you want it.

I did have a noctua cooler, but sold it and went for AIO water cooling in the end. Looks tidier and is very quiet

I was considering the noctua cpu cooler in place of the ^ one. Looked to be double the price so I see how I get on. Eventually I think I’ll get some extra fans but want to see how the cooling does before that.

Currently I’m at 80oC on my CPU which is just stressing me out.

80c is very hot.
R5 3600 here runs about 34c idle, and 67c under full load with a stress test

Yeah I know :expressionless: it’s been stressing me out for the last month and getting the monitor has been the push to do something!

Mine idle is about 65… Awful set up!

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Might have missed it but what’s your set-up going to be once done ?

Next time I change case I’d go for a full sized ATX one.
For now though i’m happy with my fractal design meshify C

It’s mostly my home office PC + CAD software. So nothing too strenuous really. Just gets a bit angry if I am running all the things I need for work + zoom + google chrome at the same time.