Apple Event 30th October

New hardware coming up


Same day as Open Office.

PSA this event is being held in New York, so it’ll be on at 2pm for us - not the usual 6pm for west coast events.


Might be able to watch it before I get the train :train2: to London then :nerd_face:

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New Airpods coming too I think :crossed_fingers:


Same day as the OnePlus 6T launch also in NYC too.


Me too, only so the price of the old ones drop … :wink:

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Announce hours after I bought a 2nd hand iPad pro on ebay because t’internet told me the event wouldn’t happen until mid-November :grimacing:

Will it not be 3pm?

You know mid-November is only like 4 weeks away, don’t you?

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Clocks change the Sunday before it.

Ahh they do. Forgot about that.

I do, but I wanted an iPad for a trip before then. I got a good deal so there potential to sell it for a minimal loss depending on what’s announced. I’m not holding my breath for an iPad mini Pro though

I’m shocked they are still selling the Mini 4 for like 500 quid in John Lewis. I had the cellular Mini 3 a few years back and thought the size was great. I now have a larger 2017 one but I use it much less. Only when I’m DJing really.

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Apple’s habit of having out of date equipment on sale at premium prices (eg mac mini, ipad mini & macbook air) is crazy but the mini is the perfect form factor for a tablet. Reminds me of my 2nd generation Nexus 7 which was :ok_hand:
I’d love it if they updated it.

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John Lewis are selling it for £300 (which is still £250 too much).

As soon as they released the iPad in 2017 at the low price of £319, it completely wiped the mini sales.

oh, bloody fantastic! just forked out a fortune on a new iPhone. I really can’t spend any more for ages. I do love my iPad. It’s easily my favourite Apple product.

I’m shocked that you’re shocked that Apple are selling out of date hardware at an extortionate price! :wink:

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I held out on buying the current gen pro for nearly a year but finally bit the bullet last month at £400 for a 64GB 10.5 as it was just too good to pass up.

Still interested to see what the new one’s like but for £600+ I’m happy with what I’ve got.

I miss the days when the brand new iPad started at £400 but Apple seem to love justifying a price hike by labelling everything “Pro”.

But you can buy a 32GB iPad for £319?

The standard iPad is really good, and serves most people’s needs.