There should be some in the referral wiki.

Is Octopus energy decent?

I’m looking to switch since British Gas is overcharging me by a lot

No problems at all! 3 years with Octopus.
Last month my kids received a nice toy :octopus:.


received one now, many thanks

On the grounds that (as far as I know) the sharing of links anywhere other than in the referrals thread isn’t encouraged by Monzo, I’ve removed the two that have been added in the last day or so.


After insane pressure from the offsprings, I had to remove the ‘modifications’ to our Constantine (What's the last bit of tech you bought? - #1792 by davidwalton) so they could use it as the intended plushy. Flippin’ kids.

If I switch now can I still get one of these? Asking for a friend. I’m not that superficial!

I’ve just checked and it looks like they’re still accepting applications.

There is a huge disclaimer though:

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This is going to be like black tulips, furbys, and Bitcoin, I can feel it in my water. :joy:

Haha these aren’t cheap tat though, I was really impressed with the quality when mine arrived.

I got in on the first batch aaaages ago and I recall this being the standard timeframe back then. I’d completely forgotten about it and one day a massive :octopus: turned up :joy:

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People have actually sold them on eBay😂

I’ll sell you my octopus for £400 :joy:

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I’ll trade you my collection of ferns! I hate ferns.

So I see

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Oh wow they’re going for £20 - £30 :astonished:

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I’ll trade you a candy bar

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So, I got switched over to the Agile plan on Tuesday officially, and it’s already looking like it’s more expensive than when I wasn’t on the Agile Plan :sob:

Looking at my usage, most of it falls outside of the peak times.

But looking at my bills from the last few months, my usage seems to have doubled on average per day (just based on crude kWh usage), which is odd. Will monitor it for a month or so, and then reassess if Agile is the plan for me - but unfortunately, prices have increased since my previous fixed offer I was on :sob:

But hey-ho, it’s helping me be a bit better with my energy usage throughout the day at the moment nonetheless.

It’s VERY expensive at the moment and has been for a while, although I’m still on target to be spending less than if on a fixed tariff. It’s only dropped below 0.10p per kWh once or twice in the last few months.

I’m on the verge of switching to Go Faster - Octopus allow you to switch every 30+ days between Agile, Go & Go Faster to ride the cheap-waves better.

Agile hasn’t been great since the start of the year, but there are still some good days!

It’s worth getting either Octopus Watch or Octocomparison (i think it’s called) to see whether you’d be better off on agile or Go!