Apple : Fall 2018 Event, new iPhones etc

Since this will inevitably be a big topic of discussion over the next few weeks…

It’s looking like the announcement will be on September 12th and the pre-orders will start on the 14th.


Really looking forward to this, hopefully they have enough stock unlike iPhone X launch last year.

If I go iPhone I’ll probably choose the iPhone upgrade programme


I think this might be the first year I’m not that bothered about getting the new iPhone on day one :thinking:


That’s what I was like last year. I’m still in 7 Plus. Haven’t decided if I’ll upgrade this year or not :face_with_monocle:

They won’t - It’ll be sold out in minutes, with 3-4 week ETA’s following that (based on the last 10 years!)

The only advantage will be having 3 “new” models to choose from - Assuming the rumours are to be believed.

I think the iPhone X “Light” (the cheaper version), is probably going to have enough of a downside to most people, that they’ll go for the standard iPhone X size anyway.

I shudder at the prospect of where the iPhone X Plus will start.

I’ve not seen anything to convince me to upgrade from the iPhone X to a new model - But there are usually some little things which are kept for the event.

It’s usually the dulcet tones of Jony Ive that throw me over the edge and have me waving my credit card around in the air.

I feel the same way about the Pixel 3 / 3 XL - I think high end smartphones are kind of at that point in general now. They aren’t offering anything new or any major changes like they used to.

Most of the game-changing stuff seems to be in software or emerging technologies / peripheral devices.


Wasn’t the iPhone X especially bad last year? That’s what I was referring to unless I made it up😅

The x plus has to be above £1k which personally I feel is a bit too much to be spending on a smartphone although on the other hand I do use it more than my Mac :thinking:

If I change I’ll find myself getting the x light as it apparently has a bigger screen but with less features (it depends what they have removed, if it’s something I like I’ll get the standard x).

For me upgrading from a iPhone 7 I just want a bigger screen which any of those models will provide.

As I’ve said on other threads though the pixel 3 is tempting :eyes:

Couldn’t agree with this more, I wish there was some real innovation in battery tech though :confused:. It’s just one of those aspects that’s unfortunately always lacking.

I think it was - But from memory, every year is pretty bad - Even the ones you don’t think will have a big impact (6 to 6S and 7 to 8 spring to mind).

With the top end iPhone X coming in at an eye watering £1149 - I have a horrible feeling the entry level iPhone X Plus (or whatever it’s called) will be £1199 or similar.

The Upgrade programme is good, although you may have to be a little more patient for it (that being said, I think they had units specifically for the upgrade programme last year - Might have made that up though!)

If there isn’t a huge leap with the new iPhone X - I’d be inclined to go for the current iPhone X (at the reduced price).

But Apple being Apple will likely have something unique to the new range, which will make you want it!

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Yeah, for sure! The Pixel 2 XL was amazing, the iPhone X was amazing…there’s not a lot more I could want.

That said, more generally I’m becoming less impulsive for wanting ‘the new and shiny’, so I reckon this is dulling any desire I have for a new phone right away!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to buy it, but just not right away.


I just want that MAHOOSIVE iPhone X Plus display :iphone:


My thoughts are the same.

My Pixel 1 still works great, does everything I need it to but the battery is wearing and the USB C port is getting iffy.

They should stop making phones thinner (and in some cases bendier) and work on a battery that is still great many months later.

It feels odd that phones will be breaking the £1000 mark though.

If I can get a good deal on a 3 then I’ll probably go for it. The pixel and my Nexus 6 both came in at basically 0% interest over a 2 period with a sim only contract I would have had anyway.

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I’m going to upgrade my now aging 6S for one of the new iPhones.

(probably the 6.1" with an LCD screen - I actually like LCD displays, and like having one LCD and one OLED on the Pixel 2 XL).

Will probably skip the Pixel 3 XL and upgrade that next year.

That way I alternate something every year.

Pixel 2 XL on Pie is as fast today as the today I bought it, it’s a really good upgrade.


iPhone X is going to be discontinued and replaced with other models that have the same features but cheaper


Hopefully Apple will come to their senses and ship these iPhones with a USB-C cable and power brick as standard. That was a huge cop out with the iPhone X launch, couldn’t even charge/connect my new iPhone to my new MacBook without having to fork out even more money :man_shrugging:t2:


I’d bet on them putting Type C on the power brick end, but I suspect the phone port itself this year will still be lightning. Maybe they’ll change that one next year.


Yeap, think you’re right! Pretty sure I’ve seen some news articles quoting reliable sources saying the same too.

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I can’t see them replacing lightning port anytime soon. The 30 pin connector was replaced in 2012 and millions of alarm clocks, chargers and car ports etc had to be changed. Changing it 6 years later will just severely irritate everyone!

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I think the Galaxies still offer new stuff, including better batteries. I’ve taken every other one since the S3. The S9+ is awesome.

Also - why do you have two phones?

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I’d rather take up the lighting connector everywhere than USB C. The one on my phone is 18 months old and not great. My MacBook Pro is 2 months old, I’m super careful and they don’t feel terribly solid. My MacBook plug one is wobbly and that thing never moves from my desk, plenty of slack on it too!


Yes, the move to usb C on the macbook pro was a seriously retrograde step