Introducing our new neon cards! πŸ‘€

No idea what you mean :smiley:

Thanks for your community spirit! And @AlanDoe too.


Only one way to try :eyes:

Yellow hasn’t arrived yet.

Not sure id like it with yellow flowing through.

Post but no card :slightly_frowning_face:

Look at the cards and how they hide from yoooouuuu


I dunno. I think a neon yellow stripe might look quite striking on the navy blue background.

(I still think the Plus stripe is the nicest, though).


:sob: Can I have one also

I had to eventually return the operated-on Constantine :octopus: plushie from power indicator to soft toy. Haven’t seen it for a while either - kids have probably binned it or the dog has eaten it.


Yes, if you refer two people to Monzo. Sadly it was a you snooze you lose situation

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Out of the 3 cards, it’d be #TeamYellow. Biggest conundrum is - do I lose metal for yellow plastic? Both have deets on the back which is nice and now that I can get a metal replacement at the end at no cost sort of swings it a bit. But still, metal vs plastic? Oh, and no β€˜INVESTOR’ printed on the yellow either.

Decisions, decisions.

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So I’ve ordered mine, but I think I might just keep it as an eventual replacement / spare. I don’t think you have to activate it.


Don’t forget you can literally keep the metal card in your wallet even if it’s not functional :slight_smile:

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The pressure from you lot is intense



Or just get :sunshine: and keep it in a drawer without activating in case you need a replacement, ever (well, in the next three years). And that way you don’t miss out on the limited edition fun either


The in-app delivery window for mine says 24-28 June. I’m about 88% sure it said 23-28 yesterday.

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You don’t :relaxed:

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It definitely did say that.

We go again tomorrow!

It doesn’t look as neon in the app so don’t think it’ll look as cool. Soon find out though

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We got one last year as did the grandparents and they were both large ones

Same here!

no :green_square: yet through

No love from the postman today :upside_down_face:

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