What would make Monzo so much better for you?

Yeah, someone appears to have forgotten the ‘iterate based on user feedback’ part of agile. We have lots of features that have the ‘half assed attempt’ (or MVP if you prefer) but look at budgeting - who gets paid on the same day each month? Nobody coming from legacy, they never paid on weekends or bank holidays.

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Whilst i think youve said it pretty harshly I have to agree really.

Alot of things were released too quick from labs or replaced things too early (summary, chat)

I hope they’ve learned from this and don’t release Tabs before making the changes they’ve acknowledged are needed to make it work for 90% of people from the get go… not 30% and then review in 2 months to make that 90%

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Feature parity between personal accounts and Joint Accounts.

Joint Account Summary being able to handle the fact that we both get paid at opposite ends of the month (7th and 21st).

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Free money.


So this has inspired my first post, so for me its the following

  • Todays spend, that needs to change, works well in a situation where the money flows out in the pre paid world, but now when money flows in and out in a current account, it doesn’t reflect what’s happened that day.

  • App freshen up, I like the app, but again it carries cruft from the Pre Paid card days, and a little spring clean wouldn’t go a miss.

  • Finally, more flexible budgeting page, doesn’t work for me as I get paid on the last working day of the month, so the summary boxing me into 4 weeks doesn’t work as well, so being able to say to the app, that I get paid on this day every month would be more useful.

Otherwise enjoying the full Monzo experience, and considering I came across from First Direct which is the best of the old crew, I’ve been very impressed.


This can be confusing…
It is a total of what was spent, not a net spend (outgoing - incoming) :slight_smile:

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Yeah it could be ‘today’ with green for days where it’s positive, and red for most days. It makes no sense on days you get Salary/expenses etc paid in, and it shows you’ve spent £xxx but your account balance is higher at the end of the day.

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See I would like it to remain spent and not take these incomings into account personally.

Only way I’d like the current one tweaked is if it could allow for bill splits in the spent amount rather than it making it look as if ive spend £60 on dominos for myself :pizza:


This would be amazing.

Yes, I think that some things were unfortunately lost with the prepay demise. Of course, much more was gained, but a clear view of one’s discretionary spending has gone the way of the dodo. Another place that shows up is the notifications - “You’ve spent X today!”, often scares the crap out of me “I’ve been home all day why the heck is this £100”, and, of course, it’s always bills or a delayed payment for Amazon or something. The two need to be separate. It’s meaningless to say "Oh, today you spent a mandatory £50 on your electricity, and also £5 on lunch. You never think of them together in any other context. Sure, you might want to reduce the electricity bill, so you shop around. Or you figure “I should probably make lunch at home to save some cash”. But you never think of the two at once. The problem is that they aren’t made of the same stuff (one mandatory, the other discretionary), or even applicable to the same timescale (one per month, one ad-hoc).

I saw that internally they were trialling a “committed spending” pot, but to be honest I think that this is more band-aid than cure. Better to redesign the spending summary to properly split out discretionary from mandatory.


For me the daily summary can be much clearer as detailed by several people above.

And more/distinctive categories.

We used to be avid ynabbers, but we started an experiment last month using just summary and I’m so glad we did.

Our first step was realising that as accomplished ynabbers we were now cheating the system more than sticking with it. By that I mean we had 30-40 categories, but really had stuff put aside for our annual costs, savings goals and everything else. We used to budget for groceries, clothes, etc. but really treated all those categories as one and a lot of time playing whack a mole.

So now, we completely ignore the categories in Monzo, they are stupid and mostly meaningless, but we put our annual costs in pots (we could do with 4 or 5 more pots though) and do the same with our savings goals then use summary to see what’s left between now and payday. The game element (how much can we have left?) helps us spend less. Also life is simpler because I’m not managing several accounts.

tl:dr, I used to be a ynabber and frustrated by the lack of custom categories, but have tried summary instead and love it.


Auto tagging with previously used tags, on recurring transactions, would be tight.


Payee management overhaul is a must. Also I’d quite like to move the Summary to where Home is (or you could choose) as I use Summary and would rather see my budget than the total in my account. Widget should have update so you can choose too.

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Have you seen this? :point_down:



Great! Thanks for sharing

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Joint pots are a must. They’d help my partner and I a lot!

I’d like a redesign of the iOS Account screen, too. There’s a lot of white space on that screen when you’re using a bigger iPhone and options for things like Loans and Pots could be under the little card, rather than a swipe on either side.

After waiting two days(!!!) for a response from support I’d like queue times to be visible in-app for urgent and non-urgent queries. I don’t think this would make more people mark things as urgent — it’d just take the mystery out of when you’re likely to get a response.

Oh, and I’d like to be given a custom option for how often repeating payments repeat — our smol subscription takes every 60 days, and my Dollar Shave Club stuff comes every two months. I can’t put them into summary at the moment, and I always forget they’re going to be done.

But otherwise? I’m pretty happy already. I came here for a day-to-day spending account, but I’ve progressively moved more bills away from my legacy bank because of how straightforward everything is with Monzo.

And I would gladly wait for these features if it meant we could have faster support times :wink:

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It’s getting there on a number of fronts

Cash deposits - close
More accurate dates for summary - close

But further improvements can be made.

  • Deciphering what has been ‘spent’ and what has been transferred to another account. It makes the graphs of previous monthly summaries a bit pointless at the moment.

  • App redisgn. I do agree that the app needs a bit of a redesign. I spent 5 mins trying to find the limits one day and then another 3 mins trying to work out how to enable mag stripe atms in ecuador this week.

  • CUSTOM IMAGES FOR POTS (my number one :raising_hand_man:)

  • More pots

  • Redesign of the pots page. It’s a bit annoying scrolling ten times to the right to get to my newly created 10th pot. Perhaps tiles on a home page that you can click into. If the tiles had custom images then they probably wouldn’t need text by them, meaning more could fit on the page.

  • I do agree about the pulse graph too. Now that I run everything though summary, for me the pulse graph has been left a little redundant.

  • a transaction history for each pot would be nice

  • improved bill splitting. I just don’t think the recent changes work to be honest. I think there needs to be some mechanism to attach an incoming payment to a transaction, thereby offsetting it. I was really looking forward to the bill splitting update but it’s not working for me in practice unfortunately.

  • pick a time for withdraw as from/contributions into pots. I understand this is done at the same time of day as the contribution/withdrawal is set up. On IFTTT I used to be able to specify the time that it came out. This would be preferable.

Most of this is ‘nice to haves’ rather than anything particularly essential like cash deposits.
Although more pots is definitely a must


I was a regular on the Starling forum and pretty much made the same point there.

I’m sure the negative effect of withering comments, aimed at developers and/or their work, is mitigated by being part of a team, but all the same, it must be dispiriting to have a feature you’ve put hours into dismissed so summarily. It certainly doesn’t aid the process.

(I’d find @ejs’ post above a whole lot more helpful).


Me too - I really gave Starling a go but that font… just horrible.