What would make Monzo so much better for you?

I would like to be able to choose and set the exact amount of days I’m budgeting for. I get paid every 28 days so the budget feature for me is always out by a few days.

I’d find custom categories more useful to help me budget - and the ability to split transactions between them.

I often think about my spending as “frivolous” and “unavoidable” and sometimes no amount of automation can predict which is which. For example, if I am trying to save money money, I don’t need to buy a coffee from Starbucks, so that transaction counts as “frivolous”; but if I am caught short, (say I’m stuck in traffic and it’s hours before I’ll make it home for lunch) I might buy a sandwich from a Starbucks service station. I’d count that spending as “unavoidable”.

I’ve not been able to test the theory, but I’m pretty sure if I could see my spending split this way, I could budget better and save more.


For me it’s also custom categories. That request has one of the longest forum threads ever. Way back when @hugo decreed that shall not be, primarily because Monzo want to give you little notifications saying “oh, people like you are spending 20% less! So, er, spend less”. There has also been much speculation that the reasoning is tied to the Marketplace. The sad thing is that the current categories are so useless and coarse that any notification along those lines is likely to be meaningless. And the Marketplace worries are completely spurious; to recommend a better energy provider you need to firstly know that a certain bill is actually for energy - something that categories don’t provide at all.

I think that it’s a super dumb decision to keep this from users; such a simple feature to implement, so beneficial to everyone, and yet… years later: nothing.



I haven’t given up :yum:


Let me set the logo for transactions. I want a photo of a friend next to their name and some companies such as Lidl sometimes use different names for different stores. Monzo then fails to pick up the correct logo.


A RestAPI and documentation that was well documentated
If function triggers in IFTTT

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Really have to say for me most of what I want from Monzo is already there or Almost :tm: there. Finishing off the following would be perfect…

  • Tabs so all the extra cases work seamlessly (cash payments, settle up tied to tab, work with joint accounts)
  • Splitting (outstanding payments owed)
  • Pots (more, custom images, direct debits paid directly from pots)
  • Joint accounts (pots…)
    There is no “new shiny shiny” I can think of that I am clamoring for but if there was one thing I guess cashback would be nice.

Keep doing what you’re doing but remember the polishing and final bits of any major feature are important to someone.


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Customer services to be quicker for all and sorted out before taking on loads of new customers.


Personally, development around lending facilities.

Spreading the cost feature like starling & personal loan option intertwined with the over draft (like starling).

Monzo ftw :metal:

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+1 million

Now I’m #fullmonzo the restrictions on categories is really striking - they simply do not fit how I budget. It’s the one thing that would make me switch to another fintech.

Fortunately Emma have promised custom categories soon.


It’s not exciting, but it has to be support. It’s the foundation that everything else is built on. Used to be so good, now not so. Rapid growth isn’t always a good thing.

Oh, and custom pot images, they’re super important too :upside_down_face:


I get paid on the last Thursday of each month, so the budgeting graph is pretty useless to me at the moment.

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Getting rid of the pulse graph for me.


Why oh why don’t I have the option to toggle the pulse circle between daily/weekly/monthly. It would be so much more useful that way.


What I’m waiting for, personally, is the updates to Summary (weekly!), and Joint Pots. More categories would also be nice, but I’m surviving with what we’ve got at the moment.

This x100!

Its such a massive waste of space.

I wish I’d £1 for every time I’ve looked at it in annoyance… would be enough to make cash deposits free for all monzo users!

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And don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind too much - I just use another product for the budgeting functions and categorisations I do need (Namely, YNAB).

The power that a full, customisable budgeting solution, done in a Monzo way, would be so much more beneficial to the users, than the marketplace integration type stuff. IMO.

Integration with American Express so I can manage/view my Amex spend with the Monzo tools.


This would be so good. I’ve tried using my AMEX this month and transferring the money from my Monzo to my legacy account each time I spend on the AMEX so that I can keep track of how much I’m spending compared to have I actually and its already fallen out of sync. If AMEX supported IFFFT then it could be done that but they don’t support it nor do they have an API (at least not for UK accounts) so looks like AMEX need to do some work their end to get this working


I have to lend voice to an app redesign. I find it really unintuitive and messy as it currently is.