Using Mondo on two phones

I love my Move my Mondo card, and am quickly moving all of my non recurring spend over to it, but something that would be amazing for me is the ability to log in on two phones. I have a personal and work iPhone, and quite often leave the home with just one or the other, but the Mondo app is only on my personal one, as it logs out every time you log in from a new device.

I realise this is probably an edge case, but especially if you get an iPad app one day, and with the addition of Touch ID for increased security, it would make things so much easier to keep on top of stuff :grinning:


Agree. I have two phones and a tablet and expect to log in from any of them.

WhatsApp drove me around the twist as every time I logged in from a different device it unlinked me from the other…I think Snapchat the same…so I ditched the software and use Skype instead

I think this a really good suggestion. As I’m sure you’ll understand, security is a massive deal for us, so we have a bunch of thinking to do about how we would do this well.

I think it’s as much a UX question as a technical one – for instance, we could have a “places you’re logged in” screen (think “Find My iPhone”), but how do we make sure you feel in control without making it confusing? How do we manage automatically logging you out intelligently without compromising security?

What sort of user interface would you want or expect here, to ensure logging in is both flexible (Want to log in on a friend’s device? How does that work with fingerprints?) as well as secure?


Initially I’d like to just be able to log in on multiple devices. I’m happy to need to manually log out from them at first. Worry about the management later.

@James you make a really interesting point about the UX of it, which I hadn’t considered at all. I think it’s less important to know where you are signed in at the moment (I’m thinking of the mess Amazon Kindle makes of this, duplicating a device if you reinstall the app), an more important to know when someone new signs in. So seeing the signin on your feed would seem like a really simple step here. And if you wanted to make it even more secure, an actionable notification where you approved the signin from your other device would be really secure. I imagine signing in from someone else’s device would only really happen if you lost your phone, or in the beta where you need to check your balance, so I can’t see that being a massive issue.

I think a more interesting UX point is minimising notification overload. If you have mondo on three devices, getting three notifications seems crazy, so some kind of prioritisation, and then a daily or weekly update might help you keep on top of that? Happy to be shot down on any of this!

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James - I’d want something like what Apple does at the moment, along with some of the online streaming platforms. Have it limited to a small number of devices (say 4) and then everytime you log onto a new device, you get an email confirming a new device has logged in, a notification on the original device, and then it shows up on the manage my devices screen?

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With the launch of the new android app I can now log in with two different phones, the android one and the iPhone one. It seems to work ok between the two , both are up to date in balances / transactions and you can freeze / unfreeze the card from either phone without having to do the operation from the same phone

I’m also “dual-phoning”: got the iOS app installed on my wife’s iPad and got the Android app on my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone - both with the same card (wife has her own card and the app on her phone). Whether this functionality will be disabled once Android is “stable”, I dunno - but then I’ll have no reason to run Mondo on multiple devices.

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