Log in to the Mondo App on more than one device

(Peter Morgan) #1

Would love to be able to have Mondo on my iPad, iPhone and my partners iPhone. It seems to log each device out as a new one logs in :frowning:

(Tristan Thomas) #2

For now it does :slight_smile: That’ll be something we’re looking to improve on


Some people might consider multiple concurrent use as a security weakness. Perhaps allow customers to opt in to single vs. multiple session support (please).

Another possibility might to enforce single session per user but allow the creation of multiple user accounts per bank account, and perhaps have different permissions (e.g. read only, full). The app could display which other users are logged on.

(Rika Raybould) #4

Just notify all other logged in instances of the Mondo app whenever a new session is created and provide a method for revoking permissions for devices/apps to access your account.

As for different permission levels for different apps (3rd party ones at least), this would mostly be handled by OAuth I believe?

(Peter Morgan) #5

Could just a 2FA solution such a text sent to the registered card holder to add a new client.