'Upgraded' to current account - Features missing?

So I got the email offering me to upgrade to the current account (on Android), which initially I was unsure about. I’ve been happy with how the prepaid card works and didn’t feel much need to move to current account. The only thing I’d have liked is to be able to pay non Monzo users.

But the email convinced me otherwise, providing a number of incentives and most importantly, highlighting that you’ll be able to use the card in the same way, the direct quote:

"If you’re thinking “I really like my card as it is”, don’t fear. You can upgrade and then continue to use your Monzo account in exactly the same way. “”

But right now that doesn’t seem to be true. I can no longer use monzo.me to request money, nor can I top up via card payment (this aspect is mentioned in the email in Monzo’s defence).

I’m wondering what else I’ll find to be missing, I hope these omissions are addressed soon, I probably would have held off if I knew monzo.me was missing now.


You’ll have no choice anyway, as I understand it, as the prepaid card is being phased out.


Both features will be returning, but aren’t ready for the big time yet. Many users love them, and so do all the staff.


I understand it to be that as well, happy to move over, but I would have held off a bit had the email not been so assuring of being able to use it ‘the exact same way’. Ah well, it’s no biggie, I can wait. Just two of the most useful features missing for now.


I’m sure. Just a little frustrated that the email suggested features wouldn’t be missing. No biggie though, can wait.

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Yeah, I think it is in some places but not all and the team are working on improving the emails and such to make sure it is crystal clear that these two features are currently missing.


I tend to agree that it was a bit cheeky for monzo to push people to upgrade when there are features missing. I too would have held off, since I use (or rather, did use) monzo.me and top-up from debit cards.

Since I can’t easily top-up on the go, I’m reverting back to my non-monzo account for now.

I love Monzo, but I feel Monzo could have handled this better.


Hey there,

Sorry this was a bit unclear, we’ll be working to improve how we communicate the upgrade with your feedback.

  • For Debit card top ups, we have this working internally now, and are just doing the polishing work to get it ready for customers, it should be released in the next couple of weeks.
  • For Monzo.me you can still receive payments via the web-URL you had on prepaid, and we’ll make sure the money reaches your current account. However, monzo.me doesn’t work for the small numbers of people who have gone direct to current account, for this reason we’ve hidden the functionality for now, to avoid any totally broken experiences. Once Debit card topups are released, we’ll work on monzo.me, as it’s powered by the same systems.

I hope this helps, and thanks again for your feedback!


Hey Jami.

Thanks for your reply, this is what’s great about Monzo, I value communication with companies very highly :slight_smile:

Looking forward to getting these features back asap.

Thank you!

Thanks Jami.

I appreciate it.

I’ve been with Monzo for a while with the pre pay card , offered to change to current account which I did , got my new card the other day just tried to top up my account but have to go through a bank transfer now no instant top up. My bank app for transferring money is confusing to me and would need it explained so I don’t lose any money . Why was the instant top up removed . I took it for granted it would be the same seamless way to top up until I move everything over to Monzo C/A but no . Bit peeved.

As above, it should be back in a couple of weeks. It could also have been clearer in the upgrade communications :disappointed_relieved:

Thanks Jami.

Re: Monzo.me, when you’re referring to those that have gone “direct to the current account”, does that mean straight from the waiting list, or straight from the preview to current account (skipping the CA preview)?

I went from preview to CA directly, not via the preview, so should Monzo.me currently not be working for me?

I understood it to mean those who hadn’t had a prepaid account.

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I tried a week or so ago with the old link - the money was debited from my other account but didn’t appear in my Monzo account. I chased it up with Cops - they just manually refunded it. I’m wondering if it’s worth trying again now?

Did COps explain why it didn’t work last time?

This discussion was on the 4th November so it might well have been fixed by now:

"Unfortunately it seems that there is a little bug with what should have happened - the funds should have still gone to your prepaid card and then as this is no longer active, they should have moved over to your current account automatically.

However, the funds didn’t get loaded so this didn’t happen"

I asked if I should just not use Monzo.me for now and she said yeah, rather than that it should work in general and didn’t.

Have either of you tried directly using the link?

Given what Jami said earlier I’d give it another go. I’ve not tried Monzo.me since using the CA.

Can confirm it now works for me!



To receive money via monzo.me? Just confirming you’re not saying you can request again now with a CA?