Just what is the biggest complaint about Monzo? 🤔

Monzo is doing some really exciting and interesting things, some of which we’ve all had an insight into with the now defunct prepaid card.

With prepaid accounts now migrating to current account in increasing numbers, some of the functionality, with which we were familiar, is not available.

Having seen this post in another topic:

I’m minded that there’s an awful lot of people complaining about quite a few things, and complaining for a number of reasons.

Just as a bit of fun, I thought I’d explore just what is it that people miss most on migrating to the current account. (Remember, it’s just for fun.)

Q. What is your biggest gripe with the Monzo Current Account?

  • No debit card top-up feature
  • I don’t like the hot coral debit card
  • Monzo.me is missing
  • Debit card charges for overseas ATM withdrawals >£200pm
  • No CASS
  • No ApplePay
  • I only want a “Free Currency Card”
  • I don’t want a current account

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You forgot the “No FitBit Pay” option. :wink:

Seriously though the lack of Apple Pay is my biggest issue at the moment.


You joke but I’m leaning towards Starling because they support FitBit Pay! Even the smallest USP can sway the balance when there’s not much else between the two…


I’ve hit “Monzo.me is missing” but… It’s not a gripe, I know it’s en-route :smiley:

It’s not even technically missing for me either haha, I’ve not tested it but it’s working for many CA upgrade-ee’s :wink:

Monzo is doing some amazing things, as Johnny mentions so for the most part I’m entirely happy with Monzo (and the CA) :slight_smile:


Just to clarify “Monzo.me is missing” -

Users who upgraded from Prepaid Beta are able to use monzo.me via their web URL @Jami posted this yesterday;

If you want to try my link and transfer as much as you want and I will give that to Crisis :wink: http://bit.ly/monzome


Yes, yes, yes. But it is not currently the same as it was on prepaid, so whilst it’s sort of there, it’s not quite there.

Where’s the “All of the above in equal measure” option? :slight_smile:

Where is I am happy and can wait for updates and willing to give Monzo some slack option :smile:


I’m happy. I do see a lot of people who are impatient, though. Hence the poll.

None of the above:

  • The lack of security
  • The lack of any web interface / Being forced to do everything on my phone.
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There’s no change between the prepaid and the current account in that respect, so not applicable.

I didn’t know this was about prepaid features missing in current account. The question was simply “Q. What is your biggest gripe with the Monzo Current Account?” and for me that’s the answer to the question as it stands.
(Maybe rephrase along the lines of “Which aspect of the prepaid card do you miss the most in the current account?”)

Incidentally “hot coral debit card”, “No CASS” and “charges for overseas withdrawals > £200 pm” hasn’t changed since prepaid either, as far as I’m aware.


Second sentence of my original post.

Reminder, the poll is a bit of fun only. I knew that someone wouldn’t be happy with it. I figured that people might be able to read and understand the post that explains the title. :roll_eyes: I’m not going to get into a debate about it. The poll is lighthearted.

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Appreciate that! Didn’t mean to argue or debate it either, just thought I’d toss in my thoughts equally lightheartedly :slight_smile:

I did read the whole post and I still did not realise that it was about distinctions between the two, especially given the answer choices.

Apologies for spoiling your fun!!!


I selected Apple Pay as that is a slight annoyance at the moment but my biggest gripe is how the community is treating one another on a small selection of posts.

Don’t misunderstand me. The majority of users on this forum are great and helpful from the staff to the regular users. Like with anything it’s just a small selection that may need to rethink the tone of their posts before sending.

Those individuals on this forum need to be mindful that even though they have been Monzo/Mondo users since the alpha days, that doesn’t mean that all users are experts. I would think that one of Monzo’s goals is to grow its user base and it’s not going to achieve that if the new users on this forum feel alienated and intimated. It’s likely that they will not post again.

Just remember that we were all new at something once.


I agree. I haven’t been so active recently because of this as I don’t particularly like arguing with people


They wouldn’t take my money!

in return for shares :wink:

No complaints about the CA :slight_smile:

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Loyal users who pledged to invest but were not selected have still not had an opportunity to invest, despite the recent fundraising round

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People complaining about something that is free and in testing?


I’ve been using it since the very first event at Monzo’s offices in the summer and literally all of my finances run through my Monzo account now. I voted for Apple Pay as it’s the one thing that would make me use Monzo even more - at the moment I use my credit card a bunch for coffees and stuff and pay that off each month but I’d rather just do it all with Monzo if possible.

Some stuff in the app needs tidied up - payments management specifically - but if Monzo froze in time the way it is, I’d probably be happy enough to keep using it (until a competitor surpassed it).

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