'Upgraded' to current account - Features missing?

You can’t “request” as such, but you can use the link that you were able to use before. And you’re able to customise the link manually to request specific amounts / messages.

http://monzo.me/yourusername/99.99?d=Message here

(obviously be careful with putting spaces in a message, as it won’t be linked - you might have to convert them to %20 so that a messaging app links the whole thing)

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Ah gotcha, so you’re just manually making the link. Interesting.

Yep! Although of course to save the hassle you can just send the plain link and get them to type in the amount and message

I tried it with a test payment of £1 (20:34 on 4th Nov) and the money left the card but never reached my account

I just tried it and it was instant…


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I’m just going to wait till the Monzo boys and girls say it’s ready for use.

They’ve already said you can use it, albeit via the web for the time being:

Receiving payments Monzo.me should now work with a few exceptions described by @Jami in the linked post above (must have had a prepaid beta account that was then upgraded). :slightly_smiling_face:

We had a bug around 10 days ago now where a small number of payments to a Monzo.me address were not loaded correctly into the account due to the upgrade. The root issue has since been resolved and I have confirmed that as of today, all affected payments have been correctly applied or refunded (be aware that refunds through card networks can take up to 10 days to appear from the time we refund it).


By ‘direct to current account’ I mean people who have never had a prepaid card. Hope this helps clear things up!

We’ll be bringing back the ability to request money via Monzo.me in one of the upcoming app updates.


Are there people getting a Current Account now who never had a prepaid account?! I thought you were upgrading the majority of users before opening it up to new customers :exploding_head:

We are, but there are a few users who were stuck halfway through the prepaid sign up (had topped up their card, but not received it in the post yet), who were unable to complete their prepaid sign up when our apps updated - so we unlocked them for a current account.


Tried Monzo.me today and it worked! Good news :raised_hands:


I very much share your frustration! First of all, absence of topups via debit cards is a huge dissapointment, even if it only temporary. I am now considering suspending using monzo until this feature returns.

And then there were all these disclaimer-like notes in the help section:

  • Merchant data may sometimes look wrong;
  • Travel reports / abroad noifications not supported yet

And so on.

These were the features that made monzo a better banking exprience compared to a card from a regular bank.

Honestly, I do not see any benefit of this card compared to a regular one at the moment. I am not planning to transfer my salary to it and not sure I want to bother with direct debits to it. So really, what is the advantage?

Honestly, this whole thing now feels more like monzo is being forced into a conventional banking compliance by the regulator and that’s all they cared about when making this switch. Because I do not understand why would you otherwise not wait with the roll out and make sure that all the features of the prepaid card work on the current accounts as well.

And btw, some of these features that are now missing are available to me on card of plain old regular banking institutions.

Honestly, I am very dissapointed.

I agree with you on a couple of things such as 1) Incorrect Merchant Data, 2) Other missing features but these were well documented both here on the forum and on Monzos website, although I do agree the wording of “You can use your account exactly the same” was wrong.

These features are missing because of the huge demand for the current account to be rolled out, if you look back at the forum people have been making a lot of noise in the last few months about rolling out and Monzo had planned to start rolling them out anyway. I’d be interested to hear what other bank you use has 1) Instant notifications, 2) Merchant Data e.g. Logo/Time/Location, 3) 24/7 Chat support?


For me, merchandise data is the smallest of the small since it can be sorted out retrospectively. You can only enrich an experience that is already there to be enriched (if you see what I mean).

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Is there a reason you didn’t hold off on converting to a current account, given that these features are planned to return? I realise it’s too late now, but am curious why you switched to the CA if these features are so important to you.


Because the prepaid experience had become one outage after another courtesy of GPS? The sooner customers don’t have to deal with that (and don’t form a negative association of unreliability with Monzo) the better.

Just tried it.

Nope. It doesn’t work. :neutral_face:

It does, takes a while though

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Sorry if this is covered elsewhere but couldn’t find anything in FAQs. Having converted recently from the beta card to the current account I am puzzled at what appears to be a loss of functionality - at least in the Android app.

I can no longer top up directly from my other bank. I am directed to use their systems to transfer to the new account. Do I need to complete a Direct Debit mandate or something?

I can’t now see where Monzo.me allows me to share bills or even ask others for direct Monzo to Monzo payment.

Help! At the moment am thinking this is all a step backwards.

Cheers, Nick

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