Topping-up current account

Is there a way to top-up the current account from within the monzo app to stop me from having to switch out to my main banking app? Right now I find this is a blocker to using the current account.

Follow the flow:

  • I am travelling and use my monzo card
  • I get an alert for the transaction
  • I look in the monzo app as the balance is low
  • I exit the monzo app, open my banking app, navigate the menus, find the payments section, select the source account, pick out my monzo account payment details as opposed to my wifes, add an amount, check the asap option, confirm the payment details and approve the payment, then wait for the confirmation. (faster payments are between instant and 2 hours clearing)

As opposed to the pre-paid experience of ‘click the plus button, choose debit card, enter an amount’

Yes the issue with the other banks mobile experience is their problem, but it was monzo that chose to force me into this customer journey by removing any ability to top-up the account from within the app.

The obvious answer is to use monzo as my main account but as I have an offset mortgage that uses my current account + savings balance to offset my mortgage interest…I am not going to be doing that any time soon :frowning:



This will be added soon. :slight_smile:



It will be supported in the full Current Account but it’s not a priority of the preview since Monzo already have all of that functionality worked out and available so it doesn’t need testing again.


Except we are effectively out of preview now, aren’t we?


We’re not out of Preview just yet. It’s not strictly defined but the main two things that are keeping us in preview is that the CA app is still a separate app, and Monzo-to-Monzo payments aren’t built in yet.

When you can open your Monzo app on prepaid, upgrade to a current account, get sent a current account card, and then activate it, which will triggering a migration of your prepaid transaction history into the new infrastructure, that’s for the most part when we’d consider it to no longer be a Preview.

To address the original post - we do plan on keeping top-ups in the full current account app for ease of use :grinning:


Simon’s said it already but I was going to say that as I still have the preview app, I’m pretty sure the account is still in preview.

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As I understand it we will all be asked to move from a pre-paid card to a current account with a debit card.

I need to understand what effect this will have on the ease of use. For instance, will I be able to top up the account (and hence effectively the credit on the Monzo debit card) from a debit card with another bank, in the same way I can now instantly top up the pre-paid card?

I fully understand that a current account gives all sorts of other options (direct debits etc), but for the time being I might want to treat the account as being equivalent in use to the pre-paid card.

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Yes you will :smiley:

Of course - this will totally be possible. If you want the extra features they will be there, however you will be able to continue using the account as you would with prepaid. Of course it comes with added benefits with regards to card acceptance - you should be able to get cashback and pay-at-pump will work :slight_smile:

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the answer from Monzo staff -

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OK - thanks. I’ll wait for the offer to open the account.

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I’ve opened the current account and activated my card. However, I cannot do transfers to it from within the app - I have to log onto my bank and do a transfer from there. This is a major drawback, in fact so major I won’t use the card any more unless I can do this.

I am using Monzo as the only banking app on my smartphone, and I don’t intend to change that. That means I must be able to transfer to it from another bank’s debit card, just like I could with the pre- paid card.


Yes, that is one or the two temporary lost features at the moment. It will be back but I couldn’t say when.


OK. Is it likely to be days, weeks, months? A clue as to the technical feasibility (i.e. do you know how to do it?) and priority would help me greatly.

the only people that can help you on these dates are Monzo staff members involved in the process - to insist on it and say you won’t use the card until it comes isn’t really going to make much difference on when it gets implemented :slight_smile: - yes its slightly inconvenient at the moment to have to top up from your bank account rather than a debit card - its not the end of the world - Im sure Monzo appreciate what is needed on the current account card and are working towards it as fast as they can :slight_smile:


For me it’s more than inconvenient. It makes it no better than any other bank account I have, so there’s no point in it. Being able to top-up on the spot has been a very major advantage to me, and I have used it many times.

For me, Monzo IS my smartphone bank account. I can limit the funds in it so that the risks of using smartphone banking are limited to just that account. If I can’t top it up when needed on the go, then it’s lost much of it’s use. It’s just another debit card.

I don’t expect Monzo to change plans just because of my request. It is only a request, and a comment on how one person intends to use the account, at least in the short to medium term. Monzo have asked for comment, so I gave my views.


I agree its a good function for me too - and Im sure Monzo are aware that its a great function that is appreciated by users - whether it not being available for a period of time would stop me using the card- hmmm no it wouldn’t - I transfer the amount from my legacy bank in probably a larger amount to cover the weeks / months spend - it takes me 5 minutes :slight_smile: and yes I agree it opens me up to potentially a bit more chance of fraud - which is covered by Monzos T & Cs I believe ???

Being able to top-up on the spot has been a very major advantage to me, and I have used it many times.

I agree, in general.

I joined Monzo because it was a prepaid card with instant Apple Pay secure top up. I knew that there were plans to offer a current account, but at the time I assumed that it would be in addition to PP.

I do appreciate the other benefits of Monzo; the instant spending notifications, the ability to freeze the card etc. The lack of instant top up is going to be a bit of a pain for me. I’ve used faster payments between my UK bank accounts, and they are quick enough, but, as you say, opening a separate app to do so is inconvenient.

I guess keeping my PP card is a non-starter in the long term, so I’ll upgrade at some stage. Hopefully, there will be a way to send money to the account from within the app at some stage in the future.


For me, it is essential to be able to top up using a bank card. It can be used to transfer money from an abroad account (in sterling) to a UK card without having to pay any transfer fees. This is one of my favourite features on Monzo so I happy to see that it will be kept! :slight_smile:


Anyone here able to comment on the “when will topping up within the app be available?” ?
Or indeed, where I can proactively go to look? I don’t mind checking every week or so if there is a “proper” place this sort of thing is announced.

@Feathers - what are the other temporarily lost features? Must admit I was under the impression the ‘full’ bank app was only offered once there was parity - clearly not!

I will hold off my upgrade until there is parity between them: albeit a small feature, that IS a big deal (my other account has not got a great phone app to login to!).


The other ‘missing’ feature is the ability to send payment requests from what I remember.