Top up feature gone?

(Markus Burkardt) #1

Hey I just updated to the current account. It seems now I can’t top up my card anymore but have to make a bank transfer … Could u maybe downgrade me again? If I can’t top it up the card is useless for me. The whole beauty of monzo was around the top up for me.

(Nick) #2

Bank transfer? Easy really…

(Johnny Ellwood) #3

I’m afraid it’s gone for a while. The top up options will appear again in the future but for now you can transfer from a legacy bank over to your Monzo currently account, or have wages etc added to this account.

(Markus Burkardt) #4

So how can I downgrade again? to my top up card? I cant use monzo like that … I surely will not transfer my wages to a beta trial…

(Markus Burkardt) #5

@nick69g bank transfers are not easy. You have to log in with your credentials… type in your security phrase…set up a new recipient… make a transfer…and that everytime you go out and just wanna use your monzo card on the go? nahhhh sounds complicated.

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #6

so I guess you never read about the current account - it was quite clear that at the moment you wouldn’t be able to top up with debit card - yet you upgraded from your pre paid card :slight_smile:


yes, it was one of the things made abundently clear to us before we upgraded

(Johnny Ellwood) #8

I don’t think you can downgrade as it’s Monzo’s aim to move everyone to the current accounts before the end of the year.

(Markus Burkardt) #9

you show me animations or a running debit car, why would you not communicate clearly in this moment what is happening after I upgrade? Why do I have to read blog-articles to be on top of things?

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #10

well I read the blog post before I upgraded to a new account from my prepaid card :slight_smile: - you didn’t , I don’t have a problem with using my legacy account to top up - you do :slight_smile:

(Markus Burkardt) #11

I was just wondering and gave my honest feedback why this doesn’t work for me. if this is also not appreciated then I would say not my cup of tea.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #12

I would have thought that the upgrade email would set out clearly what effect of upgrading would have on your account, especially as Monzo prides itself on being better than legacy banks.

(MikeF) #13

What is a Beta trial? That was the prepaid card. The Current Account is the end product that the Beta was trialling for. (I’m a bit sniffy about this Beta term anyway but I’ll live with it I guess.)


There was a preview current account and now people are rolling over to the proper current account, it is no longer a beta but a full current account

(Markus Burkardt) #15

Sorry to me this sounds like a test. And I thought you want my feedback. If not, is ok. I dont like it though… I really appreciated the top up button. There is a competitor service which offers exactly that… people might switch. So I think providing my feedback here is just fair !

(Markus Burkardt) #16

ok, fine with me :slight_smile: hope not everyone is as picky as me in this case


Yes Fire and Starling have card topup but Monzo have already clearly stated that it WILL be reintroduced into the app again.


So do we have a trial, finished product or a work in progress?

(MikeF) #19

Sorry, you appear to be answering a question I didn’t ask so I’ve lost the thread of this conversation I’m afraid.

I don’t want feedback, I’m just a customer. You seemed to suggest that the Current Account was a ‘Beta’ (whatever that means these days) and I said it wasn’t.

(Markus Burkardt) #20

The original question I asked initially was: How can I downgrade again to be able to use Monzo the way I need it (me personally).