Upgrade (Migration) Updates

I was offered the opportunity to set my PIN on card order. Very nice. Great process generally.

Adding to Android Pay before receiving physical card would have been a nice bonus, as would using push notifications rather than SMS for the out of band component of Android Pay setup.

But still, absolutely beautiful process and pain free account opening. Also, a beautiful card even without the coral core. Same company as old Metro Bank cards used to be. Durable and good card!

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The last 2 refunds for late trains have gone straight onto my Monzo card. Greater Anglia now allow you to provide card details when applying for the refund online and it goes straight on to the card a few days after it has been approved. This feature is being rolled out to other TOCs if it’s not available already.

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This is obviously a measure of how generous and profligate you are, whipping your card out at every opportunity :grin:

Actually mine stays hidden in the back of my wallet most of the time but is definitely looking a little more beige and weary after just 3 months (1st gen CA, I think). Cleary not a very stable material to dye.

Does anyone else have this issue, after the upgrade to the CA on iOS the app keeps logging me out.

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Are you using the Finger ID?? I have been having the same issue, it looks like you have been logged out. However If you fully quite the app and try again it opens up.

I’m also wondering about overdrafts - us Android lot don’t even have any option to apply. The app’s hardly changed (for the end user) in a year.

I didn’t think I needed an overdraft but then two direct debits got rejected because they were on the same day as payday!

turn off touch ID on app open

should be fixed in the next release


Thx, that fixed it :slight_smile:

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I was asked to set my pin during the upgrade. Quite cool really.

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Minor question, and I don’t want to bother support about it when they’re pretty busy…

My account was a CA preview account, and has now been upgraded to the ‘real thing’ - and yet the ‘help’ pages I see are still those from the CA preview. Are others seeing the same thing? Is there a switch that needs to be flipped?

They’re working on that I believe, updating texts and whatnot in different places. It’s the same functionality as the CA preview, but all additions will be to the main app going forward.

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All taken on an iPhone SE. Not one stage of the process didn’t have some sort of glitch. It’s difficult for me not to feel that the incredible use experience I once had with Monzo is slipping… :disappointed:

Let me digress a little: When I got my first Debit card, it came with this luscious, thick blue paper stock. I still remember it. My Current Account came with a standard looking piece of paper that could have been from HSBC. Sigh.

For me things haven’t been the same since the (extremely useful) monthly spending prediction “pulse” graph got the buggy “road sign” that hung above it. I notice the pulse graph is now completely missing on the Current Account. I hope it’s about to make a return in some form – although hopefully without the aforementioned screen real-estate wasting white block above it.

I also hope that my recategorising of spending isn’t going to keep reverting away from what I set it to, but I’ve already seen that happen. Double sigh.

Some of us notice the small details, and they make a big difference to us.


Hi Johnny, I’ve moved your post here in line with other points others have raised about the migration process. Just to let you know that Monzo are aware!


Latest TestFlight blue app has definitely got the Improve name back so assume when it’s released on the store it will all be back as you would expect


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Well thought I’d just document my switch process … First post from me!

It actually all went very, very smoothly indeed. Am on Android beta and didn’t spot any of the other issues reported. The verification worked almost instantaneously. Very happy.

Now just for joint accounts to be sorted … :slight_smile:

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That’s great, I am in IOS and upgraded from CA preview it took 26 hours to verify!
It’s done, so will now wait to see what will be rolled out.
At present I am using Starling and have had no problems.

I’m got the CA preview app and have the PP app from the App Store. Have been checking the PP app daily to check for the merge banner, but have to log in each time. I’ve tried three times today and had the same issue. Has anybody else experienced this?D21B33CB-B050-48DB-96D4-78F0CF55AA11

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Hi All,
Apologies if this has been asked already (and for sounding a bit dim). I have both the PP and AC apps on my S8 and wondered if I should only be using one app? I don’t see anywhere to combine the apps but have read that possibly I should only need the blue app.

Thanks in advance.


Yeah once you get your current account you only use the blue app. You can get rid of the preview app.

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