Historical data migration from PP to CA

Hi - when users of the preview migrate over to the main CA, how will monzo ensure both historical prepaid app transaction data and CA preview app transaction data are both transferred over?

I can confirm it will all be available. I did that migration last week.

How? It’s all served from broadly the same backend systems. We combine it before sending it down to the app.


So…How long till CA Preview users migrate? :thinking:

I see that now you can choose the display name for their new Debit Card - Will Preview users get the option to have new debit cards with preferred name :thinking:

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Hopefully next week or the week after. We’re pushing hard — it’s dependent on app review times unfortunately :frowning: You’ll get an email with it and it should appear in your prepaid app.


Not by default — your existing debit card will continue to work (we thought it would be more annoying to force everyone to get a new card). However, if you do want one with your name on, you’ll be able to order a replacement from within your app and it’ll arrive within a day or two :slight_smile:


So here’s a crazy question (And I ask out of curiosity… not because I want these details on my card!) :smiley:

But does the customisation allow for numbers? I.e. if I put my Acc. / Sort code in the box, would I get a card with a string of additional numbers on it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha. I think this will not work but I will check today. I didn’t work on this but I’m really interested in what is and isn’t possible here – as far as I understand you’ll only be able to select names that are in some way related to your real name, but I am often very wrong about many things :wink:


Nice one! I had to ask :joy: Because I’d bet a lot of people would like to try it out :wink:

It’ll be interesting to see if it works! :slight_smile: I’ll be sticking with my name regardless though - it’s no fun being called “MONZO BANK” :wink:

You could change your name by Deed Poll to be “Monzo Bank”, then the card would be correct :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We’d set you up with some publicity if you did that, so you’d also be super famous :wink: And have a correct card.



I love it! I might be classed as completely insane for doing so however :wink:

I’d prefer a card with my nickname that everyone knows me by - “Binky”

I don’t hire cars and have never had an issue where the lack of name (PP card) has caused me a problem, so I don’t see a need for my ‘real’ name on my card, and if there’s somewhere that won’t accept that, I will either go somewhere else or provide a different means of payment.

I think Monzo could allow only variants of your Full name and reject just total made-up automatiacally.
i.e. John Cena Smith could have options to choose from following (In a dropdown list style in-app)

  • J C Smith
  • J Smith
  • Smith J C
  • C Smith
  • Cena Smith
  • John Cena S

and so on…

So to get to a card with our name on we just request it now through customer support? I’m on the current account preview.

I understand that might be all they are actually allowed to provide - indeed my CA preview card has my legal name on it… just saying I’d like a card with my nickname on but I don’t expect that to be a possibility. Certainly won’t stop me using Monzo… I’m waiting for CASS :+1:


@Park38c Tristan explained this above

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My CA preview card has my nickname (Bob), however in CA in-app chat they have started calling me Robert since I got the CA. It was always Bob in PP chat…

I’m fairly sure I know what caused that and it should be fixed after you merge your current account preview and prepaid accounts. I’m so sorry if it’s caused any issues or offence to you or anybody else. :see_no_evil:


Yeah CA in app chat started calling me by my ‘legal’ name. Slightly annoying but they did stop as soon as they realized (the chat went to email and that has the correct name on it).