Upgrade (Migration) Updates

We had some chatter about this in the other thread so I figured it deserved it’s own!

Migration will begin today to a small number of test Android users on the Beta channel. Why Android first? Simply because it’s quicker for us to push an app update out on Google Play. And maybe a little bit because we :purple_heart: Android and iOS has had stuff first before :wink:

Although it’s only a small number of users who will get this today, I’m sure at least a few will be community members so please post your thoughts and feedback on the flow if that’s you! It’d be really helpful for us. Assuming the test all goes well, and there’s no glaring bugs, Investors will be invited to migrate as a group, after the small test group.

Following this, the Android app update will go live on the main Play Store (as in, non-Beta) channel either later this week or early next week, and iOS will follow not long after.


Waiting…Who knows it might be me…Beta User as Well as on CA Preview :grin: :smiley:

How will this work? I mean will we see an update at Play store?

@alisufyan I think we will receive an In-app notification to migrate. If you are already on Beta Channel I guess. :slight_smile:

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Yes I have Beta prepay app and CA app

Then Let’s wait.
@simonb What about the feature parity? Are the Prepaid features going to be available to those whose migrate now? :thinking:

Are previewers going to be migrated first, or is it going to be random with people using 2 different versions of the CA app in the wild (preview and proper)? Bearing in mind the preview app hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks now.


Would be interested in knowing this too. The preview CA app has 36 days left until it expires.

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Im on Android beta, and have prepaid and CA, if you need any volunteers to test with! :slight_smile:

please let me be special

I’ll be sure to post if I get selected :grin:

Out of interest, what criteria would one need to fit in order to be asked to move to the PP app from the CA preview app? :slight_smile:


I’m guessing it’s just the standard android partial rollout to x% of users so it’s not so much a criteria as a random number generator.

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The test group is around 1000 Android users - the update is live on the Beta channel but as those users are already selected, if you’re not on the list then don’t feel the need to rush into the Beta channel and enable it, as it won’t make a difference and it’ll hit the stable channel in a few days anyway.

Those already on the Beta channel and who have been selected will receive a migration notification in the app.

Regarding feature parity - yes and no. P2P (Monzo-to-Monzo payments) is there. Monzo.me isn’t yet. The reason for this is simply down to time and prioritising. P2P is used by almost all Monzo users, Monzo.me isn’t, and with current account, you can get instant bank transfers anyway if you need to a payment from a non-Monzo user. If monzo.me is something you use heavily, then feel free to not migrate at this stage.

Regarding criteria - there are some, but I’m afraid I’m not totally up to speed on what they all are. It’ll likely be down to ensuring a decent mix of users - for example it wouldn’t be very helpful to only test on the same Android version and similar devices :grinning:


Why is this harder to do through iOS with TestFlight out of interest?

I would presume it’s because we have no TestFlight spaces left, and the migration test has to include people who don’t already have a CA card.


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The suspense is like waiting for the lottery numbers! Am I one of the ‘lucky’ testers? :thinking: :pray:


2 updates hit the Monzo beta channel today :slight_smile:

1.14.0-rc3 & 1.14.0 :slight_smile:

If this is your 3rd update then :tada:!!! Looks like you might be in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No Update Still…Is it that No one from community got the notification or its delayed ? @simonb

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Ye id like to know the same thing.

Nothing for me unfortunately. The app has updated to 1.14.0.

It’s not all bad news: In the absence of a migration prompt, for me today shall be remembered as Android Pay-day :smile::robot::tada: