Upgrade (Migration) Updates

The only slight issue I had was that it wasn’t showing all my transactions but a quick log in/log out did the trick! Otherwise, I am still loving it.

“upgraded” to current account very simple process , well done Monzo

one slight error that I could find on the update screens -



Put that phone on charge!

(Seriously, try not to let it go below about 30%)


Be a miracle with all the iOS 11 Battery issues.

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Clicked on to upgrade Tuesday tea time. New CA debit card arrived in the post today, seamless and easy migration in about 30 seconds. Absolutely outstanding stuff. Well impressed!!! :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

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having said no problems I then updated my iPhone to the latest update 11.1.1 and just get a continual welcome to monzo login page - switched phone off and back on and it now seems to be alright :slight_smile:

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Got my card and transferred over. Annoying that my PIN has changed.

No coral core :disappointed: But it’s even more hot coral than my BETA card! :sunglasses:

Any news on overdrafts? It’s says that I can’t be offered one. I’m almost never in it but I like the safety blanket of one.

The help screen should definitely have an FAQ/this is what the Current Account can do. I don’t want to have to “Discover” features and definitely like to get the most out of this new kind of bank.

Wasn’t expecting my card until next week. Upgraded later on Wednesday, card was through the door today (Friday).

Well done Monzo! Pat on backs all round! \o/

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Yeah the cards (at least the prepaid) tend to fade over time so the new CA one looks like “hotter” coral. :heart_eyes:

You on a different calendar to us?


Yep. Same for me. I need overdraft just in case… to cover Direct Debits…

My Nationwide card - 078FA5EB-7B25-4804-8A6F-5B9ED921F321

You get a new PIN with any new card. Just change it when you get to an ATM.

They’re still a few months away!

Overdrafts are planned. No news yet :wink:

Be gentle. My brain tricked me into thinking today was Friday, and now I realise I have work tomorrow…

I meant Tuesday / Thursday (to my dismay).


I know it’s a different card linked to a different account but I just memorised my PIN!

I actually received a check as a refund from a late train today with my Monzo card, good thing my legacy account is open…

One of the really cool features of Starling was that you can set your pin before you receive the card and add a virtual card to your Apple Wallet and start spending. Still wasn’t enough for me to keep it though

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Setting PIN on card order is a feature we’ll add soon ™

@Haitch you can change your PIN at most ATMs, look for “PIN Services” in the menu :slight_smile:


My wife moved to CA from PP last week her PIN wasn’t changed. When she got her card was bit confusing because there was no PIN sms so got in touch with COop when they sent a reminder realised it wasn’t changed.

I got asked to choose my PIN number when I converted from prepaid to current account.

But you already do ask this in the app. I just upgraded to the CA the other night and if I remember correctly you can’t actually proceed with the order until you’ve chosen a pin.

So yeah I’m confused why some people are complaining about PIN changes. Does it not get set to the one we choose? I haven’t received my card yet so can’t verify yet, should have it tomorrow I hope.

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