Upgrade to Current Account

(Hugo Cornejo) #1

Hi folks,

This is a tiny tiny sneak peek but I think you’d like because of its significance.

As you may have heard (:trollface:) we’re introducing the Monzo Current Preview. Right after that we’ll start to roll-out a full in-app experience to upgrade your Monzo alpha or beta into a current account.

This is a taste of how it’ll work on iOS (it’ll be the same approach on Android)…

The basic idea is to give you a space in the app (that banner right on top of the Tab Bar) where you can do all the “current account related things”, until your Monzo debit card arrives and we can transfer your prepaid balance/history and complete the transition.

We still need to test a lot of this but we wanted you to see it early and hear your thoughts. What do you expect from us during the transition? Any concerns we should address?

Many thanks!

Community Digest 8/9/17
(Simon B) #2

Great stuff Hugo!!! :blush:

(Nick) #3

How will the move from Current AC Preview to the Full CA work? Will anything change?


I think you’re spending way too much on Shave cream. :wink:


This was something I thought of when my Current Account identity verification message popped` up in Monzo per pay app.

(Hugo Cornejo) #6

Yes, there will be a bit of a process. Mainly because now you’re using two apps and your prepaid is still working. This upgrade will mix and consolidate so you can dispose your prepaid card and delete the Preview app. Does that makes sense?

(MikeF) #7

OK. That’s what I was assuming you’d do, thanks for confirming but…

Dispose of the prepaid card???

It says Mondo Beta on it! How can I dispose of it???

(Hugo Cornejo) #8

Yeah, I think we’ll ask you to cut it in half or something like that :wink:

(Jonathon) #9

Looks good - so logn as it’s quick and painless I think a lot of people will upgrade.

PS. Why does @hugo have no picture?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #10

*cough* freeze it, frame it, hang it on the wall *cough*

who said that?! :wink:

*edit: MS Paint drawing of a framed Monzo card :joy:


if you squint you will see a hot coral line drawing of him on a hot coral background

(Daniel Rivers - Proud Current Account Holder) #12

Love this! Nice and simple. Look forward to seeing at bottom of my Monzo app!



(Nick) #14

Yes thanks. Ive run my pre-paid down to £0 (although I still have the app on my iPhone) and just using the CA app and card now.

(Jake Tame) #15

Looks good… Will there be a preview beta period for this process?

(Adam Williams) #16

This looks great, are there any Android mockups? Maybe the wording “why should I want one?” should be “Why would I want one?”… I dunno, former doesn’t sound as natural to me.


It’s too passive either way. I think it needs to be a statement rather than a question:

Why you’ll want one!

I presume that takes you through to a list of benefits. (benefits, not features, sell things) :wink:

(Jonathon) #18

Would is past tense, so it’s something you have already done (ie. “Why would I go there again?!”).

Should is future, or “possible”, so “Why should I go there?”

I agree “would” sounds better, but it’s gramatically incorrect.

(Hugo Cornejo) #19

Don’t pay too much attention to the copy, this is still Hugo Ipsum. It’ll be perfect once @bea and @tristan work their magic :slight_smile:


Looks good to me the preview