Upgrade (Migration) Updates

See Jami’s post a bit further :arrow_up:.

The split bill functionality relies on the request payment feature and Monzo.me.

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You can use Monzo to Monzo payments to pay your half of the bill

And if you want to send links to other Monzo users with the amount and description pre-filled, see here:

I think this is great feedback. We’re working on it :pray:


Is it worth also making it really clear that debit card topups are not currently available but will be soon? It seems to be the biggest source of complaints from new forum members.


Totally. I think progress is moving pretty fast on this front though so it shouldn’t be an issue for too much longer.


Probably worth changing this until it’s ready…



Wow! What can I say, I was told via the app that I could upgrade on Monday, and today I received my card ad now all set up, so easy and definitely worth it! Thanks Monzo, you are a great advert for a simple well structured bank account!


Hopefully mine runs as smoothly. I signed up last night so just waiting for my card!!


I got a card no problem. Closed my pre paid 3 months ago. Told it would stop be getting an account till full roll out. Anyway tried downloading app to see a couple weeks ago, no queue, signed up, got card next day. Wierd. Unfortunately I’m on android so it’s pretty basic at the moment. Soon…

Did you use the same email address you used for signing up to your old PP account? I’m guessing that’s the reason you managed to skip the queue.

Took me a while to realise this was happening. It felt really awkward. In my opinion Monzo should have done one of two things here:

  1. just show everything on the first screen, or…
  2. fade out the previous points and highlight the current bullet points when you click next so it’s obvious it wants you to read each one.

Same thing happened to me. I force quit the app and started it again to get back to normal. However I still get the “tap here to finish upgrading” alert at the bottom of the page, and if I tap it it shows the Done screen but again no way to close it or go back unless I tap “My Card Arrived” which I won’t, because it hasn’t.

There’s a big blank white bar at the top of that screen now, I assume that is supposed to show a title and back/close button?


Yeah. Was just odd though because CS tried to convince me to not close, so I said give me a CA, they couldn’t, do I did… Got one anyway :smiley:

I upgraded to current account this morning and didn’t have to show any iD wonder if worked ok. Says card is on way from upgrading from prepaid.

That would be due to the ID you provided when opening the PP was still valid :+1:


Bob that would make sense and thanks. Stupid question do you get new sort code and account number when the card arrives?

Your personal sort code and account number will show up in the app when you activate the card. They won’t be the same as the ones you may have used for adding funds to your PP


Thanks Bob for clarifying much appreciated.


Sort Code is currently same for everyone 04-00-04, as Bob said account number will be avaialnle as soon you’ll activate card :slight_smile:

Yeah that’s a bug, I’ve raised it through chat. If you tap along the top at some point it shows the pop up to minimise that splash screen.