(Minor) Current account sign up shows the same screen 3 times, and 2 are glitchy (iPhone SE)


I have an iPhone SE and the Current Account sign up process shows the same screen 3 times, and each time the 1-2-3 list is different and buggy :smiley:

Attached screenshots.

Screen 1:

Screen 2: Is OK, No issue

Screen 3:

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I had the same thing on my iPhone 5s (same screen size). It’s not the same screen each time (each one shows descriptive text for a different point), but the layout is definitely screwed up. I assume due to ‘small’ screen size? I reported this on in-app chat to COps. Might be worth doing the same so they have a record of this affecting the SE as well.

I have also found that when making a P2P transfer to another Monzo user, if the description is long, the layout on the PIN entry screen is messed up. Seems there are some areas of the app that need to be designed better for smaller screens.

People still have small phones? :smiling_imp:

I consider it big. My 3G iPod touch was the perfect size. But I have to admit having the extra screen space of the 5s/SE is worth it. But no bigger!


I have a 4, a 5s, had a 6s, have a 7 and now a X.

The 4 for me is a little chunky thickness wise plus I hate having to carry a different cable for it. Still love the 5s, it seems ‘right’ in many ways and I use it for backup SMS to keep verification away from my main number.

The 7 is meh, neither fish nor fowl. But it’s a work phone so who cares.

I love the X. Going back to the others feels like using an abacus. It’s slightly longer and that really works as a phone. The display is amazing and the face ID makes me feel like I’m on star trek.