Top up via card

Hey @billinghamj that’s a very interesting behaviour that we’re fully aware. In fact part of the Mondo team are a bit OCD about it too, the beauty of round up numbers, etc. They’re all hating me for that :slight_smile:

The reason for not having it is twofold, classic design trade-off.

  1. We want a simple progressive input. If we bring a keyboard we need to deal with limits, decimals, errors, an extra zero can be a huge mistake and the keyboard will cover the payment buttons (so you need a dismiss, etc.) There are ways to avoid all this (in fact many of these problems will affect us once we build P2P payments and the user types the amount to transfer) but it’s not worth it at this point.

  2. Once we are a bank you’ll get your paycheck in Mondo to “top up”, and you don’t get to decide how much you earn each month. So we don’t want to incentivise “fake” top ups that don’t correspond at all with real spending needs. Does it make sense?