New user - wish list!


Hi folks,

First off, awesome concept! I only found out about this card from the MSE website during a particularly boring taxi journey on Tuesday. Since then I have spent ages reading reviews, forums and just generally any mention of Monzo that I could find - never hurts to do a bit of due diligence when transferring your hard-earned to a somewhat unknown entity!

So, I just got my card today (that’s quite a standout colour!) and activated it in the app - added some more funds and so far so good, I’m holiday-ready! (just need to book something now!)

Anyway, to try and cut the fluff - like I said, love the concept, love the card but it could do with a little bit of additional functionality so I hope I’ve come to the right place. Having been a longtime “holiday card tart” I like to jump about from deal to deal. and so far have tried Travelex, Revolut, Supercard and some others and it would be nice to get some of the best bits of these cards/apps and get them all in one nice Monzo card - save me having to ever look for anything else! Things off the top of my head I’d like to see from Monzo and the Monzo app (Android, if it makes any difference), in no particular order:

  • The ability to PIN-lock the app to stop anyone accessing it to see your balance. (I’d actually like to see 2FA on any banking app, but that may be overkill at this point - one to keep in mind if Monzo bank is to take off and start issuing current accounts, which I read should be in the near future?)

  • The ability to log completely out of the app, should the user feel the need.

  • The ability to link more than one current account to the app to top-up from

  • Conversely, the ability to transfer back out of your Monzo account. It’s not always practical or convenient to visit an ATM, and when dealing in currency it’s very unlikely that the Monzo account will ever be left on a nice round (divisible by 10) number that will allow you to withdraw at an ATM.

  • When topping up within the app, it would be good to be able to type the value you want to top-up by. Tapping the “+” to get to your intended figure is fun and all, but it would make for a better UX if the customer could just simply type the value.

  • Security features like being able to toggle the disable/enable things like contactless payments/ATM withdrawals and online transactions would also be a huge benefit (not going to lie, I’ve ripped this idea straight from Revolut but features like this are exactly where banks should be aiming - giving the user the feeling of control and the ability to be in charge of their card)

  • Very far down the wish list as it would be a “neat addition” would be the ability to have a parent>child card (or multiple child cards). Like credit cards do now, the parent card is the responsibility of the named holder, but there can be off-shoot cards that are tied to that account and use the same funds. Or even better, but I’m not sure how easy to implement, would be one account but the ability to have different “pots” of cash. So say a parent card and 3 child cards where the parent can transfer funds to the child card where required and when the child funds on each pot run out, they need to be topped up again by the parent(.not sure if I’m explaining this one so well tbh! Like I said though, very much wish-list stuff for the long-term!)

I’m sure I’ll possibly think of a few more when I get more time and also when I start to use the app/card, but I wanted to get these thoughts down as everything I’ve read points to great things (not only the concept, but the community and the devs also seem responsive and pretty awesome) so hopefully any feedback is useful to the guys who might be reading this!

Anyway, this has been a long enough first post - if you made it to here, thanks for reading!!


Edit to tidy up a few words and punctuation!

(Alex Sherwood) #2

Hi Jesper, welcome to the community! And thanks for giving me something to do to keep me busy this evening :wink:

It’s great to hear that you like the card color, you’ll be seeing that around lots more soon! You have come to the right place to suggest new features :slight_smile:

The fact that you have the Android app does make a difference at the moment. The good news is, Monzo have developed their back end to support lots of features for the app, when they built them for the iOS app, which Monzo bought out first.

Having said that, most of the team’s time is being spent working on the last few steps that have to be completed in order to gain Monzo’s full banking license (Paul mentioned that it could be granted in as little as 6 - 8 weeks, at the open office event earlier this week!) so development of both apps has slowed a little.

What this means is you’re going to have to wait a little while for some of the features that you’ve mentioned, which are available in the iOS app.

But Monzo hired a 3rd Android developer this week :tada: & ultimately they are aiming to get to feature parity between the two apps.
As Hugo mentioned earlier today, the next iOS feature is being built for Android at the same time :thumbsup:

That’s just something to bear in mind when looking at the blog when you’re reading the blog posts that I’m about to share :arrow_down:

This feature is on the roadmap for Android & here’s what it looks like on iOS right now -

in the meantime, here are some workarounds for Android users -

iOS users can log out of the app from their profile & I assume that Android users will be able to too, :soon: this is one of the next features that will be developed for Android, according to the roadmap.

Just to be pedantic, as far as I know, you can’t link any accounts to the app at the moment but it would be nice to be able to store more than one card in it, for top-ups.

I can’t find a comment from the Monzo team on this idea (although it has been mentioned a few times before) but to be honest, I expect the answer to this one is something like - this is a problem that will largely go away once Monzo launches current accounts, as users will then be getting their salaries paid into their accounts…maybe :hear_no_evil:

In the meantime, you can also top up your account by bank transfer / standing order, if that’s any help -

Since the Monzo card is a prepaid card, it’s intended to be used to make payments, rather than transfers, hence this limitation. But this will definitely be solved when the current accounts launch & faster payments is available :zap:

Here’s why this isn’t a thing, at the moment -

although it is possible when transferring money via :thinking:

Magstripe withdrawals are already disabled by default but can be enabled for 24 hours, in…you guessed it, the iOS app, for now. They can be enabled for Android users if you ask the customer support team though, through the in-app chat or by emailing

There’s been some positive noises from the Monzo team, when discussing disabling contactless payments, in the developer’s Slack channel, although


Disabling online transactions is obviously possible - as Revolut have shown - although it seems a bit risky, as you could end up blocking an Amazon payment (which is only taken when your item ships) that you forgot about, for example…given the fact that you receive instant notifications for each transaction & can freeze the card instantly, this isn’t a big concern for me but perhaps it is for others…

This would be great, Tom (Monzo’s CEO) explains why Monzo haven’t done this so far & is clearly keen on the idea, judging by this post -

there’s been a bit of discussion about being able to top up cards from parent’s accounts here too -

keep the ideas coming!

And just to mention, if you’re interested in finding out even more about Monzo, this is a good place to start :slight_smile: -

Or if you want to know pretty much everything I know about Monzo + a few things I’ve probably forgotten, here’s my list of popular feature requests, bug reports, a few videos etc. about Monzo.

Oh & the latest update for the Android app which some great new features in it, was released in the Beta channel today so that’s coming soon :slight_smile:


Hi Alex,

That is a comprehensive reply - thank you for taking the time to answer each of those items!

It will be interesting to see what the devs come up with, that’s for sure - hopefully the Android guys being brought in will make all the difference to the app!

Thanks for the links too, that’s my evening sorted tonight :relaxed:

(Marta) #4

In recent Android update some things already appeared, like ability to log out from Monzo. :slight_smile:
This could also temporarily solve lack of pin lock, I’m considering logging out and logging back in with magical email link as temporary solution, if I need it. Not quite the same, as notifications will not be available, but maybeee.
Also enabling magnetic stripe seem not to require help from support for Android people - very helpful. :slight_smile:

I liked your post, @jesper10, very good reasoning and I agree with you on all points (I want them too).:grin:


Just signed up to be tester - beta app downloaded, very promising!

I love the active development going on with Monzo - the OH is wanting to get on-board now too!