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(George) #1

I want to top up the card with an amount other than the predefined 10,20,30 etc …
how can i top up the card for example £25 in one go, or even £25.42.

Can i propose the top-up screen on the app to have two parts, Pounds and Pence so the user can define the numbers, instead of predefined ?

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(Alex Sherwood) #2

You can’t at the moment I’m afraid, this is Hugo (Monzo’s Head of Design’s) explanation -

& here’s why more precise amounts can’t be chosen using the buttons -

In the meantime, if you do need to top up a specific amount, you can do this via bank transfer -

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I still don’t get Hugo’s excuse of not wanting a keyboard to pop up…

They can have + and - keys, and like a slot machine game roll round between numbers and a decimal point

They can have smaller preset amounts that are in £5 multiples instead of £10 and just scroll left to right to find the one you want

They can have an Other option so just a small number of users can go into a keyboard if they wish while most won’t

Like the poster before you said they could let users select number of pounds and then number of pence, but if the keyboard objection still stands use preset amounts (such as 5p, 10p, 20p, 25p, 50p, 75p in the same way they currently have £10, £20 etc options) to at least get the users account balance as near as possible to their desired balance

There are limitless ways this could have been approached and it just looks like they stubbornly went ahead with what they thought up and then found ways to justify it. Was any user (i.e. non-Monzo) testing or feedback sought first?

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(George) #4

Yes, for me, even smaller denominations like: 5,2,1 will be nice to have. It should not be restricted to £10 + per top up. (from the app i mean)

(James Bond) #5

It is indeed an annoyance. In my opinion, I believe it is due to the iterative approach of the software development process. They would rather get a simple working version of the top up functionality out there first. This way people can still top up and they can continue working on other priorities. All of the extra ‘nice to haves’ like this can be added later.

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(Andrew Ross) #6

Once :mondo: becomes a full bank (hopefully Q1/2) there will be no need to top-up so, in my view, I’d rather the developers spend time looking at other features.

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(Jolin) #7

I think topping up amounts <£10 would be fairly expensive for :monzo: in terms of the :credit_card: fees. The idea of the account isn’t to be making lots of small top-ups, so a few users could end up costing a lot of money in card fees. Once the bank launches, you can ‘top-up’ lots of small amounts using Faster Payments. :upside_down_face:


I don’t think the issue is only wanting to top up £1 or £2 but being able to top up £12.34 or £18.61 rather than just £10 or £20

They can still have a minimum topup but make it user friendly and flexible not inflexible. At the moment it has the rigidity of the old big banks and designed the way I would expect them to

(Sam) #9

I’m perfectly fine with rounding off top ups like it is currently - I don’t really see the need not to and it does keep the interface a bit more clean and simple.

What I wouldn’t like to see dropped is the ability to actually do it once there’s a current account. I think the current instant top up/transfer is an excellent feature.

(Jolin) #10

Sure, I understand that, and I have used the BACS transfer facility for exactly this reason. I was just commenting on @giorgos’s comment that card top-ups shouldn’t be limited to £10 or more.

However, even though I’ve used BACS transfer on occasion to transfer specific amounts, I don’t see any real need for them to spend time redesigning the instant card top-up interface, for what is a stop-gap measure. It is really easy and quick (I mean, “adding £50 to my card as I run down the stairs to go out,” quick :wind_blowing_face:), and the general point of the pre-paid card right now is to put a chunk of money in (like a paycheque) and then use the card like a ‘normal’ account.

(Naji Esiri) #11


I can confirm we’ll be keeping the debit card top up feature once we launch current accounts :+1:

Bank transfer would be your best shout at the moment :slightly_smiling_face: You can find the relevant bank details by selecting top up via in the ‘Card’ screen in the app.

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(Andrew Schofield) #12

Or yourself (link can be found in app) as it allows arbitrary amounts (up to £100) and is instantaneous.

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(Emily) #13

I completely agree - I would find it so useful if I could use £5’'s - I also find it frustrating that after £100 I can only top up in £50’s? Why can’t I do £120, for example? I love monzo so not slating it at all!

(Joshua Farmer) #14

I know it’s a pain but technically you can top up with 120, I was trying to figure that out today, so I just topped up with 100 and then 20, it is a little more work but because you don’t have to input any details as it is already logged in and the top up is instantaneous then I don’t think it is an issue while it is still a pre-paid card. Once it becomes a full bank these issues won’t be around, and personally, I’d prefer to get banking sooner than a re-designed and re-programmed top-up page.


Unless I’ve misunderstood someone else’s suggestion already, could there not simply be 3 value + buttons i.e. +£1, +£5 and +£10 and maybe a clear incase of mistakes, that way you could load say £22 if you want. I know the prepaid card business so there needs to be a minimum load amount like £10 to counter costs and make it worthwhile but this would be a quick win and I’d hope not a huge development adding some additional pre-set buttons. I’d love this feature being new to the card.

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(Nick) #16

It doesn’t really make any sense for Monzo to spend any time on developing or adjusting this feature with current accounts on the horizon. As has been mentioned, there are workarounds to get more granular amounts, either by loading in stages, or using the feature.

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(Dale Hawkins) #17

Be able to top up off amounts of money , for example £5.50 !

(Alex Sherwood) #18

There’s been some discussion about this functionality in this topic so I’ve moved your post here.

It’d be great to hear your thoughts on the discussion :slight_smile:

(Zain Jetha) #19

Topups will become close to irrelevant when the new current account launches. I wonder if they will keep them for soon after?

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #20

From the slides :monzo: showed off last night at a current account event… The Top-Up is coming to the current account :slight_smile:

I agree that it seems somewhat redundant as we can do regular payments - But either way :slight_smile: It’s probably in its way :smiley: Monzo must have plans for it, else it would’ve been dropped :wink: