You are losing out by cancelling the top up option!

Monzo top up option was the only thing that differentiates Monzo from other banks! You are really losing out by cancelling the top up option. I am sure many other customers were disappointed like me when Monzo cancelled the top up option. I know that you were saving costs, but surely it’s not ideal to introduce an idea that hasn’t been thought well through in terms of cost and it’s not good to introduce an option that customers like and then cancel it just like that!

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As far as I know it’s not been cancelled?


Hi @Rashakassem40 the top up option is still around, but this may explain what you’re experiencing:

If, this is the reason and you are one of the very small number of users currently part of a test your best bet is to get in contact with in app support who can add the feature back for you as per @simonb post.

I’m sure Monzo would appreciate the feedback :slight_smile:


Should be a card icon on the top right of the add money bank transfer screen if you can’t see the top up by card prompt at the bottom

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You can also still create a link to top up your card.

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Yeh it seems like it’s still there. I only knew that after posting my comment in here! I received an email from Monzo before advising me not to use the top up option because it costs them a lot of money! After that, the option has disappeared from my app. Now after following the advice of one of the members here, I was able to find it again. I think this is one of the best options I have ever had with a bank especially if you plan to use Monzo for holidays and just as an account for leisure budget and other discretionary expenses.

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Can I ask why you don’t just use bank transfers? It takes me about 30 seconds using the Barclays app, does your main bank have a more complicated procedure?


It’s a personal preference I suppose! Some people don’t like to use mobile banking with their main account for security reasons. I personally think the top up option on Monzo is perfect for me.


Given that you know that you are costing Monzo money every time you top it up, and (I’m presuming) you have no plans to use this as your main bank account, do you think you will adjust your usage to make use of standard bank transfers in the future?

I’m not suggesting you must use mobile banking to do so if you’re adverse to that option, but your usage behaviour indicates you have ample notice (i.e. holidays are rarely last minute!) so you could use the standard web interface for your funding bank.

Just interested in the thinking behind using card top ups.

Top up option is very useful if you are on holiday abroad and don’t plan to take your bank account with you. It’s easier just to top up your card and get the money you want whenever you want in no time! This is a competitive advantage.


Whilst it’s advantageous for you, it is very difficult for Monzo to monetise the small number of customers who still use Monzo as a prepaid travel card. The unit economics just don’t add up for it to be sustainable, hence why Monzo has transitioned to a current account.

So it’s more like a competitive disadvantage to continue providing this service. Although it is convenient I must say.


Correct. Stripe charge 1.4% + 20p fee per charge. You could assume Monzo would have a volume discount, probably bringing them down to around the % you assumed. I don’t think the 20p ever gets discounted, but I’ve never negotiated this sort of thing so I could be wrong.

does your main bank have a more complicated procedure?


My bank still takes multiple days to do transfers. Card transfers are the ONLY way to get funds into my account in a timely fashion for me.

(Yes, I’m moving away from them, but my mortgage is tied to the account, so I can’t do so easily.)


Thanks for that. Always useful to understand the reasons why people do things.

If there was a small charge for this facility would you still use it?


Thanks for that insight @PSarge, I’m interested as to how it takes multiple days to do transfers. With the Faster Payments Scheme you are guarenteed that this should reach your bank account by the end of the following working day at the latest. It should be between seconds and minutes before you receive it, and if you ever have to wait longer you should be talking to your other bank.

Hey @Rashakassem40, you are taking your bank account with you though! If you set up a payee on your other bank account you would take roughly as long (maybe 10 seconds longer) to navigate to your other banks app, log in, select payee and the amount of money you want to transfer. You wouldn’t even need to open Monzo to check it’s received, we’ll send a notification that you’ve got it :+1:

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So for banks that do not send transfers outside bank office opening hours, not at evenings, weekends nor bank holidays, you may go online and try and send an FPS transfer at 6.01pm on a Thursday before the long Easter bank holiday weekend yet it will not be processed until they reopen their office on Tuesday morning!

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:see_no_evil: That’s silly.


yes…and without mentioning a bank’s name because they shut over weekends and bank holidays you can’t ring to report lost or stolen cards or fraudulent transactions on your account until they come back to work :rofl:


Does that mean that there is actually someone sitting there, manually making / sending all those transactions?

That’s not a job I’d like to have :sleeping: but I’m sure it’d make for interesting “what do you do for a living?” conversations…


If you really love Monzo and want us to stick around for a long time, please switch your salary over! You can do this using the Current Account Switch Service in the app, or just letting your employer know your new details.

Card top-ups were something we introduced before we were a bank. Now there are much better ways to get money into your account - that require no effort at all, and are practically free for us :slightly_smiling_face: it’s a win-win.

Card top-ups cost us a lot of money and aren’t sustainable. You can support us by not using them.