Instant Top-up

Last time in May when I used monzo it was possible to use instant top-up just in seconds. Now, when i opened monzo app I realised that I need to bank transferring in two hours. The whole process means that I need to open my bank account , i need to transfer money to monzo and I need to wait for two hours. That fact limits my capacity to use fast my monzo so the benefits of this service are less impressive now.

So my question is when Monzo will reintroduce instant top-up?.

They won’t as it costs them too much. Depending which bank you are with it doesn’t normally take 2 hours, Barclays are instant. You could set up a standing order so you wouldn’t have to worry about transferring money to your Monzo current account


Not having the high cost of card payments from top ups to bear means :mondo: can put more money in to recruiting and making the app and the business better.

Faster payments are usually instant the 2 hours is a just incase cover yourself bit


As @Rat_au_van said, it’s unlikely. I think they’ve removed too-upz (unless a customer has an emergency need, in which CS would do it).

If you previously had top up option with Monzo it should still be there just a bit hidden. See the screenshot :blush:

Monzo would like you to not use top up though @Rat_au_van explained that already.


Yes. I don’t use an app for my mother app . I have a token. So I imagine a situation. I go to a store and i need to open my browser, to insert my code from token, to transfer, to open monzo app. Before I even could transfer I was at row at cash counter.

Thank for tip!

This is not an good argument. Even the classical banks can use it for their services.

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I haven’t seen a bank that you can add money to using a debit card, which ones have you seen that do? :thinking:

You could always get your wages/benefit paid into your Monzo bank account to avoid any need to add funds


What i wanted to say is that Monzo is part a new fast changing ecosystem. Before monzo era, for a bank customer it was relatively hard to change his bank. He needed to go in person to a new bank for a new account. Now, If I don’t like monzo services, i can download a new app for a new bank that offer me what i need. Maybe my discomfort will be that I need to wait for the physical card for some days.

So I don’t need to think in an emotional way about monzo that if they will take out the instant top up, they will invest for growing their business. They disrupted the old banking system for good , but some consequences can come back to them as a boomerang if they will change their services.

As @SC95 says the top up by card is still there just nowhere near as visible. On iOS it’s in the Add Money bit at the bottom - “top up by card instead”

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Very true, it’s a consumers market. But if a feature just ends up costing money with no way they can break even with customers who use that feature, does it make business sense to keep it? They’ve kept it (less prominently) for existing customers but removed it for new.


It is clear for me. If they will take out this function. I will leave it or in a good scenario for them , I will use just time to time in very rare situations.

Very strong statement indeed! A bank transfer really isn’t that big of a deal or any slower than a card payment in this day of age, I’ve only ever used bank transfer since moving to the Current Account and the money is transferred instantly or within a minute in the case of Nationwide. The card payments are 1) A problem that Monzo don’t and shouldn’t need to deal with and 2) Not actually beneficial compared to FPS

You’ve got to remember that this isn’t a pre-paid load it up and go spending card (Well, it is how a lot of people use it) It’s a fully fledged bank account.


Sorry, it is! While direct participants at the heart of FPS such as Starling and Monzo and Barclays etc do instant transfers, with other banks, building societies, credit unions, etc, it may take a minimum of 2 hours. The terms of FPS allow for receipt of payment by the end of next business day, and with some banking services only available to people during bank office hours Monday to Friday (not evenings or weekends) if they try and top up their Monzo account by FPS at say 6.15pm on Friday then the money will not be sent (and hence received) until Monday morning.

So best wherever possible to plan in advance and send an FPS early if you envisage a need to do so at some imminent juncture.


I guess I might disagree with that :wink: It’s a working bank account, for sure. And I’m sure it offers enough features for a large percentage of the population. But in my book it’s not “fully fledged” yet, and still has quite a long way to go until it is.


Thank god you’re here to remind us all ten-times daily how appalling you find the company.

I’d almost forgotten what you think. The folk at Monzo must be pleased to get your near constant constructive criticism. Especially as you don’t even use the account.


Where on earth did I say I found the company appalling? I’m sorry I don’t share your love and unwavering loyalty!


" I’m sorry I don’t share your love and unwavering loyalty! "

give it time Nanos , give it time :slight_smile: :slight_smile: I didn’t have a mobile phone until 2003 , some of us are just slow on the uptake with new technology :slight_smile:


It seems people still think monzo is just a free app to give you freebies, hot coral cards etc whilst letting the legacy bank keep their money and make the money from transfers and other services.

If you understood monzo or any other mobile app based bank, you’d get your head around the non logic in expecting a fully free service you can top up via a costly card transaction (for monzo, not you) from your other account

I’m just struggling with the battle some people have realising that if you use monzo correctly and as your bank, it’s a very good move!