Top up via card

The reason for that recursive feature is that we currently don’t store card numbers in our systems so we can’t compare and stop you of using your own card.

The only feasible thing would be to block any Mondo card for being used to top up any other card. We’re considering it but at the same time people may use that as a workaround to send money to friends while we work on P2P payments.

Anyway, well spotted! :slight_smile:


I’d love to see multiples of 5 in the topup amount

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I hear what you say @jamesallison That’s definitely an edge case that we’ve consciously decided to leave unsupported for now, I’m afraid.

When we started planning top up via card we even discarded increments of £50, the idea was to only accept multiples of £100 to keep the top up screen easy to read and ensure a fast flow.

Then, after a few more weeks of manual top ups, we realised that lots of people were topping up multiples of £50 and we decided to cover those cases too. And even more by giving multiples of £10 just when below £100.

I’m sure we’ll need to adjust things on that screen soon, we’ll keep your request on mind. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I feel that the decision-making process is totally backwards here. If I want to top up a specific amount, why on earth should you stop me? I can do that with my normal bank, so why can’t I do it with Mondo?!

I don’t want my bank to dictate how they think I should use their product - it isn’t up to them. If they’re going to do that, I’d rather go somewhere else.

Sorry for the poor tone - I realize this seems quite entitled. Just feel it needs to be said… not sure if anyone else thinks this way?


Don’t worry about the tone, that’s precisely the idea of this forum, share and challenge what we are doing here and learn from you alphas to make a better product together :slightly_smiling: We really hear and follow what everybody says here to help us drive the product.

So, we take your point guys, I hope we can give you something that suits you better… or by using the app get to convince you that multiples of £50 is actually not such a bad idea :wink:

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don’t know how simple it would be to have the additional option on the top up screen to top up by a specific amount - presumably you would then need to have a numerical keypad - would this slow the transaction down ? personally I think the top up multiples are simple to use and the options give you enough lee way to get near the amount you want to top up within a tenner - but everybody is different

How about an ‘other’ link to make the field take numberpad input, or an new field or similar?

That way it’s still the clean flow for most, but if you want the weird topup you still can have it?

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I think you’ve just described product design. For every feature, we always have to trade off simplicity & ease of use versus more complexity but a fuller range of functionality.

Generally speaking, you tend to achieve more intuitive interfaces by restricting functionality. But inevitably there are people who want their use-case to be supported.

We’re actively seeking feedback from you guys to make sure we’re striking the right balance. And we’ll certainly get it wrong sometimes.


Does this count as a cash advance from the underlying card? That can be very expensive.

This is how it shows up on my account:

“DEB” is consistent with what happens when I pay off the balance on my Amex.

Also bear in mind that Mondo does not allow you to top up with a credit card - only debit cards, so I’m pretty sure a cash advance can’t happen.


Even via apple pay ? Does that allow merchants to discriminate the actual card being used ?

Yes, with Apple Pay too. To a bank, Apple Pay transactions look almost exactly the same as using your card directly (the minor difference is that a one-time virtual card number is generated).

Apple Pay is not like Google Wallet or other similar products - it uses cards issued by the bank directly, rather than managing a separate account for you.

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This could be done even better, could just tap the amount to pop up a numerical keypad and edit it in-place like I tried to do multiple times. Would probably require a text prompt or some kind of underline to hint that it’s editable but wouldn’t compromise much on the experience of those using the default or +/- buttons.


This was what I was expecting initially also - tried to tap the amount text a few times.

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This is why we’re doing the Alpha, thank you :slight_smile: Super interesting to hear what people want and how they want to use the app. Keep it coming please!

I thing the 10/50 increments makes sense when topping up in-app.

keeping in mind after the alpha & once mondo is a bank you’ll be able to transfer any amount you want

I just got my 5% rebate from TSB for January. I deliberately underspent on regular transactions and let Mondo make up the rest of the maximum £100 spend. Got the entire £5 (5% rebate) back. So it looks like it does count as a regular transaction.

Coming back to this, it might be worth considering supporting the same UI as the send money screen…

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Since topping up a card is (presumably) a temporary solution until you guys offer current accounts, it doesn’t seem too sensible to spend ages discussing it. :thinking:

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Not sure if it has been mentionned but via Paypal?