Curve Card? Top up with Credit Card?

(Lawrence L-Dean) #1

Just had a random thought. :eyeglasses:

Not sure if this has been spoken about yet. So sorry if it has. :gun:

May be worth for something to test and to help Mondo to block/prevent this.

Can you topup with a Curve card but with the credit card linked?

As it would allow free cash withdraw with credit cards. Kinda defeats the point as I belive the Curve card allows free cash wishdraw from credit cards anyway. :moneybag:

Just a thought!

(Caleb Wong) #2

lol…what will happen if I use my Curve card linked to my Mondo and top up Mondo? It will keep on charging?

I think they did stated only debit card can be used to top up Mondo before, so pbb not. But I will try when I get my black card!

For those don’t know what is Curve card have a look here - Curve Card.

(Lawrence L-Dean) #3

Haha… That’s quite funny. :joy:

I’m assuming the Curve card shows up as a credit card?

Loving the cheeky referral link :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

(Caleb Wong) #4

Haha…just for someone if interested.

Did you get your card yet? I’m still waiting since they just dispatched mine this week.

(Caleb Wong) #5

And I think Curve card did stated that only for business use at the moment? So unless your Mondo is for business? Umm…gotta go through T&C


The curve card is for business/freelance because business credit cards are not subject to the 0.3% card fee limitation recently imposed by the EU.

Mine is on its way, they said they’d dispatched it but their system does not seem to be as efficient as Mondo’s - I got my Mondo card the next day, curve said they’d dispatched my blue card on Tuesday.

Do these forums have a policy on referral links? Curve are paying £10 for each referral.

(Lawrence L-Dean) #7

I’ve not ordered one yet. I may look at getting the black version. I think i will wait to see what the feedback is like first.

(Caleb Wong) #8

To me the biggest benefit will be Amex -> MasterCard. So more Avios points.


I hope with these Curve card you keep away from Independent retailers and smaller shops. The Transaction Fee is a scam for retailers. Dislike how there giving business cards to individuals… wonder how long until Mastercard shuts them down or retailers block the card?

Also maybe no referral links, bit cheeky…

(Caleb Wong) #10

So they are currently just allowing freelancer or business users. Is quite nice especially now business purchases through Amex could be done through MasterCard. And keeping a few cards together is the other advantage!

P.S. I can remove it if it is not allowed. Just people can get 10 pounds cash back if they buy it through the link :stuck_out_tongue:


They let me in and I’m not a business user or anything. Luckily I read more before handing my money over and changed my mind. Mondo is the future, not some rip off middleman card :slight_smile:

(Caleb Wong) #12

Any reason for backing out? (In my point of view, only the Amex -> MasterCard ability is attractive, the multi-card function still a 50/50 since they are not doing contactless in real time)

(Dave Palmer) #13

Hi guys. I’m expecting my Curve card next week, so will let you know what happens. I’ve been able to add my Mondo card to the Curve app in advance though…

(samdickie) #14

Iv been using both for a while now. Only issue is the delay in transaction between using your mondo card through Curve card. Mondo then struggles to tag purchases using it through Curve.


That’s interesting - so far, whenever I’ve charged something via curve to my mondo card, the mondo notification has happened before the curve one.

(james_e_bell) #16

Curve do have an attractive consumer proposition - but they are making merchants pay for that - personally im not a fan of products that increase the middlemen rather than disintermediate them

(Bob JOUY) #17

Hello, Curve/Mondo user here.
I can top up with curve, no problem
If I choose Mondo as my funding card in Curve to Top Up Mondo, it works : £10 disappearing from the Mondo account, and topped up the next second.
Just as you thought it would. See the £10 transaction to curve then £10 topup on the 25th of April

Let me know if you have other