🍎 Pay...?

As a developer, I know how frustrating it is to give people access to an unfinished product, only for them to ask when all of your planned features will be implemented.

So that’s why I’m not going to ask how far into the future Apple Pay will be supported.



Haha. ApplePay is a priority for us. We’re hoping you’ll be able to top-up using ApplePay in the next few weeks.

ApplePay support to pay for stuff with Mondo should hopefully come in Q1 2016, but it depends on a few of our partners completing their integrations.


Awesome! That’s sooner than I expected. Thanks for letting me know.


I know this thread started off about Apple Pay support for top ups but when can we expect to see Apple Pay support for payments? I’d love to go back to paying with my phone all the time

Hey @yousefcisco Tom’s answer was about Apple Pay for payments. So hopefully Q1 '16 but it will depend on many pieces and integrations :slightly_smiling:

Damn, I missed that part haha. Amazing news anyway, can’t wait :slightly_smiling:

No this thread was about Apple pay for payments, not top ups.

@tom Could you possibly list who the external parties are, and what they need to do?

This is mainly just because I’m interested in how it works and what complexities are involved.


Any update yet? I love Applepay & I’d love too see my cards all in a virtual wallet x

I really really want Apple Pay to hurry up