Add funds via PayPal Balance

(alexj) #1


From the way it seems you using Paypal to handle account top ups. As there is no fees with PayPal balances would be awesome if we could top up our account using our PayPal balance.

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(James Allison) #2

Mondo currently use Judopay for topups. A workaround for now would be to get a PayPal MasterCard (I think they still give them out free) and the topup your mondo card via that, will take it straight out of your PayPal balance :slightly_smiling:

(alexj) #4

I’ve been trying to get one for a year, seems to be invite only. Oh I must of imagined it but I thought I saw a paypal logo when I was taking a pic of my debit card to top up my account

(James Allison) #5

That’s annoying, I had one 3-4 years ago and I don’t recall having to be invited to it.

(alexj) #6

yeah it is, I’ve worked out where I saw the paypal logo. It is what Mondo use to recognise debit card details via camera

(Hugo Cornejo) #7

Well spotted. The software we use for the card recognition is powered by PayPal so they stick their logo on it :rage:

(James Billingham) #8

You can disable that - it’s just a property on the view controller.

(James Nicholson) #9

How did I miss that? Fixing now :heart: Thanks!

(Gabruiele rodriguez) #10

yes please please please, funds via paypal!!!

(Dawid) #11

This would be such a game-changer in my eyes! Monzo+PayPal and I can live happily ever after!

(Josh Bray) #12

I don’t think it is an invite anymore just difficult to find the link.
Also the support is abysmal for it and their online platform for the card is awful. But still a good Idea

(Simon B) #13

I can confirm that the top-ups work from the PayPal Access Card. I’ve done this a few times to move funds from stuff I’ve sold on eBay straight to my Monzo account.

It’s funny - PayPal have had this card going for a few years and they could easily have done many of the things we do, but they haven’t. The UX of actually using that card is pretty terrible. You get a real-time notification, but it’s quite generic, and that’s largely it.


Worse thing is you can have some of your account in GBP, part in EUR and part in USD say (there are other currencies too) but go to do a transaction with the card and it not look at your total available balance but only your available GBP balance

(Dawid) #15

Is it even technically possible to move fund from PayPayl balance to a pre-paid or any other card? Never seen any news about it. I guess it won’t be necessary once the full account is live

(Simon B) #16

Yes, the PayPal Access Card is a debit card that allows you to spend anywhere using your PayPal balance. So it can be used to top-up a Monzo card, which I’ve done a few times to remove a step in the process compared to sending the Paypal balance to my current account with Santander and then topping up Monzo from there.

I am not sure that anyone can sign up for the Access Card though. At least when I first got it, they were only offering it to certain users. Not sure if this is still the case or not.