Auto-Top up?

(Ash) #1

Would be cool if the card had the ability to automatically top up in whole pounds based off the transaction.

For example, I have £5 on my card, but the incoming transaction requires £9 be available, would be nice if it automatically topped my card up to £15, and if that is authorised, then authorise the £9 transaction so the whole transfer is done seamlessly.

Bit awkward sometimes when you go to use your Mondo card and have forgot to top it up :slightly_smiling:

Low funds warning?
(culshaw) #2

Forgetting to top-up happens to me on a daily basis! I would love an auto-top up

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

You are totally right guys, thanks for the suggestion :slightly_smiling:

We don’t know yet if we’ll be able to build auto top-up (particularly tricky around Apple Pay) but what for sure we need to do is to give you better visibility when you’re running low on cash.

We’re putting a few things in place soon to improve that situation. The first step will be this notification (lovely illustrated by @Sam ) that hopefully would remind you to top up :money_with_wings:

(Ash) #4

Or if it can’t be done while a transaction is in progress, it could be like Oyster and auto-topping up when it drops below a defined threshold?

(Hugo Cornejo) #5

Yeah, that’s exactly what I mean by “auto” top-up. But in that case maybe Apple Pay can be a problem there, we don’t know for sure.

Regarding the question about loading funds while the payment is authorised. Well, apparently it would be really hard/impossible. The payment window will timeout before we can successfully load the funds :frowning:

(James East) #6

Surely one of the easiest ways to solve this is to change the notification from “£3.52 at Waitrose. You’ve spent £22.86 today.” to “£3.52 at Waitrose. Your balance is £62.51”? I’d find that useful in any case!

(Hugo Cornejo) #7

Very good call. We have that designed and hopefully ready to roll soon (pending of proper copywriting) :slight_smile:

This will trigger only if your balance is under a threshold. Even though you can argue that the balance is always valuable information we don’t want to expose it on a notification, particularly when the number is big (the same way we won’t show your salary when you’ll get paid but a generic “Yeah, your February’s salary is in”).

(Carter ) #8

I agree - I would prefer not to expose balances on notifications. Which begs the question on notifications in general: Could we - in the stable end product of the future- manage/opt out of the ones we do get?

(Hugo Cornejo) #9

Yes, at some point we’ll give you some degree of control over the kind of notifications you want to receive, but at least for now (99% of notifications are purchases) we want to keep it as simple as possible.