The Monzo Roadmap

(Tommy Long) #61

The full current account is in the prepaid app, not in a new app. Therefore some features will need some changes but they’re not abandoning the old codebase.


(Bradley) #62

Okay that makes sense. I’m just slightly concerned about the cliff edge certain users will be faced with when forced to give up the prepaid card for a more basic CC version.

I’m guessing Monzo will have to overhaul their website etc as it is currently full of features that soon won’t be available.



Targets are very much still there in the CA app.


(MikeF) #64

Sorry, but you’re not making a lot of sense to me. Why would features be made unavailable from the app once Current Accounts move into it? and card top-ups are taking a backward step but that’s the only one I can think of right now. What else is ‘going’ from the app?


(Bradley) #65

I was under the impression that there would be iOS and Android app parity by the time the full CC was launched, but this is obviously not the case.

This was implied early on, but has seemingly been updated to only cover CC features, which is disappointing as app parity has been discussed for a long time now.


(Bradley) #66

Had there been app parity, this would have either meant the iOS app losing features (I.e. Targets) or the Android app gaining such features.

App parity was discussed as a target quite a while ago and there has been little movement on this. I understand that the current account switch is a priority, but the roadmap for Android features has perpetually remained at 6-9 months despite being added some 11 months ago.


(Tommy Long) #67

Export to CSV came to Android a few weeks back, as did Android Pay so there’s not really that much left that’s different; just pulse graph and targets, right?


(Bradley) #68

Fingerprint unlock and travel reports as well.

I’m probably sounding like a bitter Android user. I have no problem with Monzo focusing on CC stuff, I appreciate this is a huge priority, I would simply appreciate greater clarity and transparency about features we’ve repeatedly been told aren’t far behind on Android.

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(Jordan Fish) #69

I don’t know if this is shared anywhere. I can maybe blog about this with Jami and Ole if it was interesting to more than 3 people (and that’s including me, Jami and Ole :joy:). Shorter-term, happy to answer any questions here – AMA!


(Colin Robinson) #70

@JordanFish Maybe something for the The Monzo Weekly Diary 2.0 ?




Talking of AMA’s have you guys ever thought about doing an AMA on Reddit when you guys have rolled out officially? It would get the company even more visibility I feel?

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(Jordan Fish) #72

Probably one for Tristan. I’m scared of Reddit.

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(Tristan Thomas) #73

Yes, 100% :slight_smile: I think we’d like to do one with @tom when it’s rolled out officially!


(Tristan Thomas) #74

An excellent public commitment @JordanFish :slight_smile: We’ll schedule it in


(Marta) #75

Goal achieved, as a Project Manager/Product Owner hybrid I’m the fourth interested person. :wink:


(David Sulitzer) #76

Looking forward to the blog post! Here’s a quick question in the mean time: do you use any PM SAAS tools to collect/quantify/prioritise feedback? (I’m thinking of “Product Board” or “Canny”) Or do you simply use Intercom + spreadsheet + internal tools + Trello?


(Jordan Fish) #77

From my experience, typeform, spreadsheets, intercom, email and jira. We also have the two public Trello boards (Big ideas and Roadmap) which you can vote on.

In the past I’ve used Canny. I was actually building a little tool for this a while ago – it’s like Canny but open source, built on top of GitHub, and free. It’s low priority in my life at the moment though :wink:


(David Sulitzer) #78

Hi @JordanFish , thanks for the blog post! I find the divide between growth and retention for product to be quite clever. This way you can make sure all components improvements lead back to growth or retention KPIs.

I was hoping for a bit more detail though as in this post by Intercom.

Some followup questions:

  • Do you distinguish quick fixes from more involved tickets that require extensive design work and user testing?
  • Do you simulate impacts of new features to decide which area to prioritise within growth?
  • You guys get so much feedback from this community, I wonder how you manage to quantify it in a meaningful way to help set priorities.
  • Do you have a master sheet with ALL ideas wherever they come from? If so, how do you maintain and prioritise it?
  • Do you do design sprints? Even if you don’t, how do you go about kickstarting a new idea/project?
  • Do all PMs/designers focus on ONE feature/idea at a time or do you spread your time across various ones?

These are the kinds of issues I keep reflecting upon at work and I’d love to get your thoughts!

Last thing, I liked reading about your heterogenous background. In my experience that’s fatal with recruiters though…any ideas on how to promote yourself to avoid that trap? (I’ve got a similar issue)



@tristan can we please have an update on the roadmap to reflect your 2018 plans? Foreign ATM Fees have been completed and Paper Statements are closer than 3 months away. Unfortunately not much else has changed if not for the worse eg Update Spending and Targets should now be moved to the Medium Term column :confused:


(Allie) #80

Lots is done:

  • Mobile NFC payments are done (not to everyone’s liking, but they’re there)
  • In-app PIN recovery is done
  • Interim PSD2 is done, I think? There was an announcement on that.
  • ATM fees are done as you said.