The Mondo Transparent Product Roadmap


This actually made me download Trello for work.


Huge fan of the open roadmap. Gives me good confidence for the future! :+1:

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Thanks both :smiley: Really appreciate it!

Same here. I’m now using it to try and create a proper route forward for our department. Unfortunately we have an utter luddite on the team who will insist on having it printed out.

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Hi Chris,

Just tried printing to PDF from Safari on a Trello board - doesn’t quite cut it. Guess it’ll have to be millions of screen shots which you could then snail mail :slight_smile:

Or just leave him out of the loop. It’s not as if he’ll contribute to future stuff anyway.

I was a bit weary topping up £100 and waiting for the card to arrive but seeing this roadmap and this awesome forum I paid up earlier today and can’t wait to get my card! :ok_hand:


As a current user! I think the roadmap looks great! Keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

Great to see it all laid out. I’ve voted for the ideas I’d most like to see. One question though, I’ve downloaded the trello app but how do I find all the Mondo stuff on it? I’ve tried searching for Mondo but it just returns no results found?

i’ve got mine set to here:

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Thanks :grinning: Got it to work now

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Is this still regularly updated? Some items in the near term section are already in the current version, E.g. profile picture support – hoping this means some of the more interesting updates (saving pots, mobile NFC payments) are coming sooner :slight_smile:

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Nope. I noticed the same this week. @tristan?

Just moved the profile picture one to the “Done” board - I’m hoping nobody who usually manages the Trello board minds me doing this :grinning:

With regards to things coming soon, the truth there is that a lot of stuff doesn’t make sense to build twice. We won’t be doing any NFC payments under the prepaid scheme, for example. So while we are building and working on new things all the time, a lot of them have to wait until after we can launch the current accounts.


I’ll also be updating this a fair bit in the next couple of weeks to make it more accurate :slight_smile:


Ok, so do you see yourselves almost relaunching the open roadmap once current accounts go live to keep visibility?

I’m not saying you should just interested.

Have worked in many places with agile dev and it’s a nightmare setting expectations without really getting your stakeholders bought into agile, which would be hard with the hopeful large numbers of people who would view it.

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Maybe Monzo should move from showing timescales in the roadmap to showing priority (and effort), with timescales only shown 1-2 sprints ahead?


@tommy5dollar this makes a lot of sense, although we’d need to make clear exactly what a sprint means/looks like for this to be a universally useful reference! I’m going to share this with the External Product team ans see what they think :+1: