Feels like the iOS / Android disparity is growing not shrinking

(Emilia Todorova) #26

Not sure if this is the correct thread to ask about this, but I recently noticed on the Monzo Transparent Roadmap that a number of Android features which were in the “next 3 months” list have been pushed back to “6-9 months”, like the Pulse Graph and Search features. Just wondering why that is?


(Naji Esiri) #28

@EmTodorova We’re focusing on core banking features necessary to implement before we launch as a bank. A lot of these changes and additions aren’t visible but they’re super important and have to take priority for now!


(Oliver Ford) #29

Maybe you could just push an empty update to get rid of the “Happy New Year! Is it still OK to say that?” message… :smile:


(Eduard) #30

Searched for a topic regarding Android functionality being deployed and got to the Trello board (nice touch, Trello is awesome).

But we’re in May (early but still) and no new functionality is visible in the Android app(?)
I have faith in the @Monzo team but would like to see them be more active on the Android front. I believe that for security reasons they should at least add a pin to login once the current accounts are active and until the introduce the fingerprint login.

Sorry if repost or if it’s being discussed somewhere else. (I’m new here, hehehe)

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No worries :slight_smile: here you go -

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(Alex Sherwood) #32

This was just mentioned on Twitter :tada:

my interpretation is that, that’s a reference to the launch of the current accounts to the public, after it’s fully rolled out to existing users, which is on the roadmap here.


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I am stoked (as an iOS user) that this is happening. Android users will have all their Christmases come at once. They are gonna be like kids in a sweet shop!


(Marta) #34

Ben, stop being mean, but… you’re kinda right! :smiley:



Not being mean, just hyping up the Android users. It’s gonna be like a whole new app! The best things are worth the wait, for sure.


(Andy Little) #36

Just read that the current account roll out is starting. iOS users only at the moment… Yet on android we’re still waiting for basic features like reporting incorrect transaction data (which support told me was coming “soon” 39 weeks ago).


(Alex Sherwood) #37

Tristan’s just addressed that in this post -


(Andy Little) #38

Thanks for the info. I don’t doubt Monzo’s intent, but I’ve been told that things are coming ‘soon’ or ‘really soon’ before, but here we are almost a year later with no hint of the promised features.

I must say that it’s soured me towards Monzo somewhat in recent months, and makes me extremely doubtful that the android app is only a couple of months behind.


(Simon B) #39

Would it help if i told you we currently have more Android developers than iOS ones? :smiley:



Not really.

As I see it even with only 2 devs including possible holidays and a presumed 37.5 hour work week they’ve had around 1950 Hours of work time since January.

I know that they’ve likely been programming features ready for current accounts, but seeing as you’ve set the target at full parity before full current account release putting time towards some community wins could be seen as an equally important goal.

I know how much I’ve achieved as a developer since January…

As it stands for me personally, the features released since January have had 0 impact on my usage of the app. So the only thing which sets Monzo apart from a traditional bank is instant notifications and travel money. I get no additional value.

I’m just completely disappointed - I feel very much like a second class citizen and I cannot comprehend what your issue is.


(Darren Phipson) #41

Finally convinced my partner to join Monzo. His card arrived and I’ve now seen the iOS app first hand.

Knowing that there was a difference between the iOS and Android apps was bad enough, seeing the differences took the shine off the Android app.

To now read that the current account will initially work only with iOS is really disappointing.

Like others I’m really keen to get a current account. I now have to wait even longer just because I choose to use the world’s most popular mobile o/s

Disappointed Android user :slightly_frowning_face:


(Patrick) #42

They are rolling out a completely new app for actual current accounts and, we’ve been always told that development on features for this app/prepaid was slowing down because it would be pointless to spend time on an app we are doing away with.

If they are saying the are aiming for parity before current account launch, I take it disparity between the current account apps is not as large as we are now experiencing. We all have to wait for current accounts anyway so, patience!


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #43

I don’t get involved in mobile coding etc but I have never understood why Android is so far behind when it comes to apps etc. Surely being ‘open’ and what not should make it easier to do things should it not where with iOS you have a lot of restrictions and approval processes?


(Gareth) #44

I was curious, so I timeline’d the features. The survey was this one.

If you look at it from the view that iOS waited 9 months for Targets and Android should therefore wait the same, the only things really missing are Pulse, Export and Touch ID.
It is a shame new features are not coming out at the same time (maybe after current release).


Monzo for Android - Beta Channel Changelog :male_detective:
App, Security and Privacy (Fingerprint, Pin, or Password)

Android caught up hella fast as far as I can tell. Then there was a shift towards getting the current accounts done which has slowed visable progress. That’s not to say Android is ahead behind the scenes.

I’m sure it makes things a lot easier if they are in the same position support wise, as to not get confused when dealing with problems.

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(Tommy Long) #46

No, it’s more difficult. Building for 100 devices from 10 manufacturers is harder than building for 5 from 1.