Roadmap Updates 🚀

Yesterday was a pretty big day for updates for updates to the roadmap but unless you were subscribed to the Trello board, you’ve probably missed them so I thought I’d highlight the changes & also share some comments from Tristan in the developer’s Slack team :eyes:

Android Updates

iOS Updates


Both Platform’s Updates



Android Developer position - careers page.

Hopefully Tristan’s comments show how much he cares about improving the Monzo offering for all users (especially Android users, as he’s head of the Android product team).

But if anyone still has any doubts about the speed of development, I’d also recommend watching Hugo’s talk at JAM 2016, first because it’s hilarious and secondly because it shows how much thought Monzo’s putting into developing the apps & user experience.

Lastly, anyone with a Trello account who wants to receive notifications when the roadmap’s updated can set themselves up to receive notifications from:

Roadmap > Show Menu > More > :eye: Subscribe

6 Likes refers to International payments. While these may be thru another party (some theorise Transferwise) will it be:

  1. SEPA
  2. SWIFT
  3. SEPA and SWIFT


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What’s Android + iOS crowdfunding that suddenly popped straight into ‘near term’ yesterday?

The next round of investment / fundraising, which Monzo users will be able to take part it :slight_smile:

There’s more details here (though the answers there are all we know so far) -

Here’s how it worked last time -


Oh wow, I can’t believe I missed that. Thanks @alexs!

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Me neither. I found Monzo after this, but at least should get a chance to invest this time around.

I like the idea of owning part of the bank I do business with.


Tristan’s made quite a few more updates to the roadmap today -

which means that now only the Android pay top up support card is due within the next 3 months.

This also means that:

  • The rollout of the current accounts is more than 3 months away
  • The rollout of the current accounts has separate cards for existing customers & the general public which suggests that one will come before the other - my guess is that existing customers will be invited to switch first…
  • The next lot of updates to the bill splitting functionality (version 1) & spending / targets (which appears to have replaced the More Budgeting card), is more than 3 months away
  • And partnerships with TFL, Nectar etc. are going to take longer than expected - they’re in the Long Term, rather than Medium Term list now

Edit - looks like I spoke to soon, more changes -

And it’s going to take some time to get the API working with the current accounts


Even as an Android user, I’d vote to scrap the Android Pay topup feature unless its going to continue on to the current account (i.e. pay into your current account by debit card).

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I would too but Monzo is keeping that option :tada:


Ah, must have missed that :blush:

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What is the android pay topup feature? Is it just to top up your card with the android pay that is configured on the device?


Pretty much. It just saves you having to enter your card details again.

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Oh. Well my card details are saved in Monzo already, not sure what use this feature is.

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It’s a convenience feature for new users.

As well as responding to all the feedback in the overdrafts preview topic, Tom’s been busy updating the roadmap too :eyes:

Here’s all the changes -


& it looks like the team’s keen to start enabling us to switch gas & electricity providers :soon: while the ability to refinance your mortgage, access merchant discounts & offers and open savings & investment accounts with other providers are due in between 6-12 months :tada:

These cards were also moved to done -



What a busy afternoon we’re having at :monzo: HQ :sunglasses:


Making up for Bank Holiday Monday I reckon. :beers:


Vote might be the wrong word, but to show approval of?


I don’t think they’re looking for votes. These things are on the plan anyway so they’re probably just letting us know that they haven’t been forgotten.


Hi - just looking at the roadmap…

There are a number of things in the first column which are either done, or well in progress. Would it be possible to mark them as such, and maybe put an approximate ETA on them (for example just the month)? Also are there any items from later columns that are now ready to be moved into the first column? It doesn’t seem to have been updated for a while…