The Monzo Roadmap

We recently published our product roadmap publicly: :tada: Hopefully that’ll give you a good idea of what we’re planning on building and when :smiley: Shout if you have questions though.


Can’t seem to open it on my iOS browser?


Had the same issue. Seems like Trello does not like mobile browsing. :confused:


That’s odd. It works fine in safari on my 6S Plus.

Worked on my 6. Bit clumsy to view but it certainly worked!

Works fine on my Android and Windows phones and my Windows PC…must be another problem with iOS

It does work on iOS - or it does for me. :slight_smile:

Long way off but … for the requesting money links you should get the domain “


Just wondering how often this is planning to be updated? Since last change some of the items on the roadmap have now been implemented - improved search, export options etc

You’re totally right! It’s planned to be updated every time we change something but that will rely on me remembering to do it :slight_smile: Hopefully it’ll become a habit so should be fine. Feel free to ping me if not though!


Just used my Mondo card for the first time.

i can’t believe how quick and easy it was to use.

Looking forward to future roadmap developments. Who knows, maybe Mondo could be the first to be the ‘Beyond Plastic’ bank.

Much cleaner interface, tabs along the bottom. I can’t remember what the 1.5 version looked like but 1.6 is a lot more polished in my eyes. The main addition is a ‘Spending’ tab. I don’t want to give too much away, as it should be out imminently.

I don’t think there’s much, if anything, to give away! There’s a cool feature that I believe is yet to be activated if you read the original release notes carefully or disassemble the app but it’s mostly a reorganise and minor redesign to bring the iOS app in line with the early Android betas and to support upcoming features.

@tristan just as a heads up you’re down there as ‘head of marketing at Mondo’ as opposed to Monzo. I think there might still be other references to the old name at other points in the site too, dont know if it’s practical but maybe doing a search on the code for mondo could be good, i love you guys but i still find it confusing which ones the current one…

Also great to hear about the roadmap, cant wait to join you guys with the android app! you have no idea how long i’ve been wishing there was something like mint over here!

@tristan also there’s still quite a few references to mondo on the trello board mainly the facebook and twitter references to ‘getmondo’

Thanks! Fixed those references on Trello. Where is the ‘head of marketing’ reference (which isn’t correct!) :slight_smile:

I just joined the community tonight and the email came from Mondo too

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think you got it nice one :slight_smile: although i still think it could be good to change all references to mondo. I know you probably dont want people to think mondo is another bank but the number of users around when mondo was being talked about is small and early adopters anyway so they will have folled the development. Having references to mondo even in old post titles could confuse new customers. I’d suggest remove all refences to mondo or put them in brackets or something so the much larger numbers of new users who wont follow the name transition dont get confused at what your name/brand is…

Really looking forward to the app btw, hope it’s coming soon, you’re the new bank i’m going for so have alot of faith/hope in you guys! :slight_smile:

Just noticed on the roadmap that it references to ‘Mondonauts’, should this now be changed to ‘Monzonauts’? :monzo:

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