Monzo Banks!

Hi all,

I wanted to know how everyone feels about the future of Monzo Banking?
Do you want a branch?
why are you excited?
any hopes for the bank?

I personally am super excited about the possibility of having a Monzo bank account.
As soon as possible i will switch all my accounts to them!

What sells it to me so much is the instant notification when paying contactless. No other bank does this, heck my bank doesn’t even acknowledge contactless for the first few days, which makes budgeting very difficult at times.

lets hear it guys!

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No, and I can’t understand anyone who may want branches signing up to a bank where it is clear they do not plan to have them!

  1. I believe the plan is to not open branches; which I’m fine with as so far i’ve found Monzo’s customer service to be amazing and I rarely visit my current banks branches.

  2. I love the instant payment notifications and some of the ideas Monzo and it’s users have suggested. An example would be the one click refund for delayed train journeys that someone suggested or a suggestion of switching energy providers. I think the little things will make a huge differentiator in Monzo from the legacy banks.

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Absolutely. I personally get very frustrated when i have to go to branch. It frustrates me that most banks require you to go in if you need to do things like bank a cheque or change your name. I do hope that you will be able to do things like take a photo of the cheque or your marriage certificate, it would make things much more straightforward.


Monzo definitely won’t have branches :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing how they make the signup process for an account much more simple too. You might have already seen improvements vs the legacy banks, if you had to get your account verified -

To help you get verified, we might send you a feed item through which you can securely submit your ID documents and a video of yourself in less than a minute, wherever you are.

Text from this blog post.


I cant express how excited i am.
I also thoroughly enjoy being a Beta tester for Android. Although i do feel that Monzo is predominantly made for IOS which concerns me as i dont want Android to be forgotten.


You might not realise it but you’re in danger of opening a can of worms there :slight_smile:

Monzo’s definitely aware of the gap & working to close it -

& here’s the latest comments from Tristan on this -


It’s great that Monzo doesn’t have branches, but I’m still trying to figure out how you’d deposit cash into your account once the current accounts are launched. :thinking:

Same here, I trust Monzo to have some form of plan for this though. :slight_smile:

Probably through the Post Office or something similar?

Maybe thru PayPoint?

This has already been discussed extensively in these posts -

& these -

just in case you want to save yourselves repeating this conversation again…

this was the most recent comment from Monzo on the subject -

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Hey Laura, it’s just that the iOS app was started first and so has a head start. We expect that the Android app will be fully caught up within a couple of months. We’ve also been interviewing for a new Android developer recently so there should soon be a new member to help things move faster :slight_smile:

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I hear you. We’ve just made another hire into our Android team and we’re really focussing hard on getting to feature-parity.


Almost a year when you said this @tom where are you with feature-parity… I know there are no set time lines but a year is a long time for Android to not get some basic iOS functionality.