Is it just me or is the current account underwhelming

(Tom ) #12

100% of the reason for wanting Monzo when I was demoed an early version over two years ago.

Now I’m super excited for all the other functionality that’s coming.

A ‘current account’ will always be ‘underwhelming’ to me. It’s what else that comes with it that’s exciting.


(Andrew Everson) #13

Good point I really do like that, its one of the reasons I use the prepaid card as much as I can.


(Andrew Everson) #14

I was at the android event , I get that its bare bones it just felt a bit like the bits I like from the prepaid were gone.


(Andrew Everson) #15

In the end I am not posting that it sucks or anything I was just wondering if I was the only one feeling like I was missing something, I do still get the feeling that android is not the favorite child though. Looking at the sneak peek stuff I was missing whats coming and some good points the others have brought up. I will try a bit harder to use the current account over the prepaid as I really do like the Monzo brand and my experience with the prepaid card has been top notch.


The Monzo Roadmap

I really don’t understand why anyone would come on here to talk this down? Can’t help but think they’ve missed the point. The prepaid is beta and is pretty good now. The current account isn’t even a beta, is it?

This is the unfortunate consequence of releasing a product in development to consumers who don’t understand what they’re getting into and expect the finished product.

I think all feedback on the preview current account should be channelled back through the app.


(Alex Sherwood) #17

The Android app will be at feature parity by the time the rollout’s complete.

Tom’s mentioned that it’s even going to get some features sooner than the iOS app :eyes:


The Monzo Roadmap
(Andrew Everson) #18

I was sent an email to say please provide feedback with a link to this forum, I am not talking down the brand at all but giving my current feeling on my experience with the product. Of course its not done and its bare bones but I was trying to also get some insights into what other people find awesome about it as it felt like I was missing something.



Understood. I think people find the potential awesome.


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I wish I was lucky enough to get an invite to a current account so I to could say how underwhelming it was :eyes:


Should Danny get a CA invite?
(Tony Hoyle) #21

I had to sit through a video explaining all the things the current account wouldn’t do before signing up… didn’t everyone?

It’s beta. Using it now is something of a risk (I wouldn’t be too surprised if it want down a few times before release). OTOH instant notifications mean it’s already better than what I was using before.


(Kevyn) #22

Having taken part in quite a few computer game Quality Assurance phases from an early point, usually, features of a product increase during an alpha/beta phase. That could be the reason some people feel underwhelmed, the expectations of continuous innovation not materialising. Monzo clearly want to stress test the system before introducing any changes at this phase.


(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #23

You’re finding a preview account underwhelming? Because youre not getting free stuff such as cash back.

What about the stuff you don’t think about. Instantly freeze and unfreeze your card, development API, location based security, instant transaction notifications, transparency, free withdrawals, active social media, active and friendly support, community driven, hot coral, spending targets, and many future ideas that will be coming but are not ready yet.

It annoys me when people are using a preview account and saying they’re disappointed. What did you expect. They state MANY times that this is in no way a finished product.@Johnny wrote a good section about people signing up expecting a finished product not understanding what they’re signing up for :+1:t2:


(Damian) #24

My wife and I also have both a Santander 123 and Lloyds (Club not Platinum like @jeff2001) current account. We will be keeping the Santander 123 for the short term savings interest on our balance and the cashback on a subset of our direct debits offsets their account fee. I plan to ditch Lloyds though as I don’t use any of the Club benefits and it is only the credit interest that really benefits me (leaving joint account issues aside).

User experience-wise, the Lloyds app is OK (it has touch ID login now) and makes online banking a little easier than just using a normal web browser, but no instant notifications so you have to regularly poll it. The Santander app is annoying to log into (3 of 5 digits from a pin number…) and is not as nice to use as Lloyds once you are in, but I can do the basics of viewing balances and transferring funds which is all I really need to do. Again I have to poll it for my current balance or wait for my weekly (!) text message giving my balance.

In terms of loss benefits with Lloyds Platinum, it is worth checking that you are really getting the best value from the benefits for your monthly fee. After being a member of their older Silver account for a few years I decided that I would rather choose the specific insurances I need separately after scanning the market (and maybe getting some cashback while I am at it) rather than trusting my bank that I have the best deal for my personal circumstances. That said, I think in the future, Monzo are planning to offer some extras like this through third parties, but as others have said they are currently focused on making sure the basis of the current account are stable and ready for 400,000+ customers.

I am personally looking forward to watching the current account evolve over the next few months and quarters and am happy to be part of an exciting journey. :rocket:


(Andrew Everson) #25

Honestly people are just taking this thread the wrong way, they asked for feedback on a product and I gave it whilst trying to find out what other people with it like so that I can get excited and try other things out and provide more feedback. No I do not expect them to offer cash back but at the same time people will need other reasons to switch so that they can make profit. I get its alpha but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t give feedback (In fact the whole point in an alpha ), I am a dev myself and so perfectly understand this. There have been some very helpful replies so far but I also get a sense that there are many who seem to take any feedback that isn’t 100% positive as a personal attack on their love of Monzo (Its rather annoying), constructive criticism makes better products.


(James Murray-Ferris) #26

I think you are right in the cashback scenario that it will certainly be a draw to the legacy banks. I’m sitting here looking up prices for mobile phone insurance and reading T&Cs of my house insurance to see if that provides enough cover for me etc.

They will need a competitive edge and I think that will come as they get into the fuller product they wish to offer which has been spoken about before as a finance control centre, so offering us the best deals on insurance products maybe such as mobile phone insurance. Mortgages are already on the road map along with gas & electric so that dream is already being realised in certain areas.

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We’re not seeing the full fat bank account for sure so there is plenty more interesting stuff in the pipeline…

Often with these things the more you put in the more you get out…

Maybe build yourself something to work with the API…


(Andrew Everson) #28

I found the mobile phone insurance good from the prescriptive of not affecting premiums. I damaged my phone a good while back and just paid the 50 excess no fuss. More recently my son broke his, aviva wanted £100 excess and basically said my premiums would go up next year, I ended up not claiming and feel cheated especially with how much the premiums are already.


(James Murray-Ferris) #29

Hmmm yer that’s not a good product at all! See I’ve been looking at protect my bubble and that’s unlimited claims but does come with a provision for having to have purchased the device in the last 12 months (not a massive problem since we both do Apple upgrade and my kids are at the eldest 2 so doesn’t yet have a mobile!)

Although I have no idea what the effect on the premiums would be next year! Maybe this is where Monzo will play their part in offering up those products within their service to ensure we do get that value for money



I have found this, too.

I agree with you that the Monzo CA is underwhelming. It’s not able to replace First Direct (for me). I signed up because I can see the potential and I want to contribute and be part of the journey.

I’ve written a few comprehensive posts about setting up Payees and Payments on the Starling app. Now that has greater functionality than Monzo but is most underwhelming. Monzo needs to do a lot in this area …but I know this.

It was only after signing up for Starling, and seeing all the problems with their app, that I found out Starling is in beta. They don’t publicise it until you contact heir customer service with an issue or query. They are not the fully functioning app-only legacy bank alternative they currently purport to be.

Conversely, Monzo has gone to great efforts to ensure people understand theirs is not a finished product.

I’m no Monzo fanboy. Nor do I have anything against Starling. For me, I am interested in new ideas, new tech and the potential there is with both. Monzo has a long way to go but given @Tom’s background (I signed up to GoCardless when it launched), I believe that he has big ideas. And that they’re good ideas. Time will tell.

The potential with both is huge. Monzo has further to go but, I sense, has a clearer vision than Starling.



The Monzo app looks more the part and I only have the pre paid. I like the ideas Monzo have, but would on the surface been beaten to a current account by Starling. However when you use the Starling app, as Johnny has said it’s very underwhelming, and still very much a work in progress.

The Starling app is far from being a First Direct killer. Although in beta they’re encouraging people to switch, which seems odd as it’s still in beta. I wouldn’t swap for sometime yet.

I see Monzo as polishing their current account ready for a proper launch, which I would expect. Give me a stable near finished app, which will have the odd few tweaks. Starling have launched a sub par app which is wholly disappointing. I’m trusting Monzo not to do the same.