We’ve made a new ad for Monzo Flex! 🎉

Hey everyone!

Today we’re very excited to share something that we’ve been working on over the past few months.

It’s a brand new ad for Monzo Flex, and you can check it out here:

And since you’ve all been so involved in Flex from the beginning (thanks again for all your feedback), we’d love to share the story of how we got here.

A few months back we decided it was time to raise awareness of Monzo Flex to a wider audience and let people know that there’s a better way to spread the cost of purchases in store or online. Spoiler alert: it’s with Monzo.

We’ve been busy building and polishing Monzo Flex since launching in early access last September. The Monzo Flex of today is quite different vs launch and many of you have influenced that journey.

We’ve been busy adding things to improve Flex, largely based on your feedback. That includes:
Launching a virtual flex card so you can spread the cost of purchases made in store and online, not just ones you’d made already.
Removing the £30 minimum transaction amount
Loads more smaller tweaks and improvements to the experience.

Since all of this has happened and all Monzo customers can apply for Flex, we’re marking the occasion with a campaign to shout about it!

You’ll see Flex across YouTube and some other places in the coming months. We’ll be targeting topics like fashion, travel, and home furnishings - the same kind of purchases you’ll see in the ad itself.

We’ve gone for a fun, creative style that some of you might find familiar. And the central creative idea of the ad is the rhyming. We thought this would be a fun way to show off the many ways you can use Monzo Flex for pretty much anything, pretty much anywhere.

This has been a cross-team effort, with folks from Marketing, Compliance, Design, etc. The list is quite long and it’s been a lot of fun bringing this to life.

We hope you’re as excited about it as we are!

:information_source: Just a little reminder that Flex, if eligible, is interest free when you pay in 3, or 19% APR representative variable for 6 and 12 instalments. You can apply from your Monzo personal account if you’re over 18 years old. Ts&Cs apply.


I like the tone of the ad. Very Monzo!


That is actually a very good ad. I would be amazed if that came from the same agency who said to paint a bus.


FTFY :wink:

Kidding, of course.

I like this advert. Hits the same notes as the old one.


Love the add! Great work! Hopefully we will be able to increase the limits soon!


Brilliant advert. Hope to see it everywhere. Flex is an incredible product and brilliantly side-steps the need for merchants to implement something like Klarna or other similar products.


Looks awesome. Really upbeat and the voice over is great with getting annoyed with the rhyming.

Nice work :+1:t3:




Yeah, you really got the balance of being light hearted without being annoying. Made me smile. Great work to all involved.


Brilliant little ad. I really hope Monzo start doing more ads; even if I wasn’t looking for Flex, this kinda ad would get me interested in Monzo as a bank :grinning: :tada:


Plushie made a visit to the shoot and we think they snuck into the advert somewhere :thinking:

Anyone spotted them yet? :eyes:

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Do I get one now?

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Watched it again, didn’t spot him. Watched it again again from about 4 inches from the screen. Didn’t spot him.

So in conclusion, Alan is trying to drive up the view count :thinking:


I looked at the trays of cakes and still didn’t see him! Bravo!


You spotted his first cameo…nice :eyes:

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If I list them all do I get one?

Are there even others?!


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Who is the ad agency and post-production company, as a matter of interest?

I’m not likely to see the advert on YouTube as I pay for Premium. Ad blocker everywhere else (very effective on All 4). So this is the only place I’m likely to see it unless the ads extend to more satellite TV channels. :). Besides which, don’t qualify for Flex yet, so not much use to me for a while.

But is is a fun advert, though.


We’ve been sharing some more of the BTS stuff on the Making Monzo twitter :eyes: :point_down:

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