Tell us when your question's urgent

When you reach out to us with a question, you can tell us whether it’s urgent or not.

In this post, Operations analyst Sam explains how putting our customers in control helps us prioritise your queries and deal with growing demand.


Are you looking to improve the speed (especially for non-urgent queries 1h feels like quite a lot) or due to the (significant) growth you are still in a phase of trying to find ways of keeping up with the 90% in 1h target?

I’m just impressed that people aren’t abusing the “Urgent” button :bangbang::alarm_clock:


Hi Monzo. Do you think these shoes go with these trousers? Thanks.

Definitely won’t be spamming the urgent button at my end.


I’ve noticed quite a few people complaining that response times have been days not hours - myself included.

In both my instances my chat was closed yet it hadn’t been seen or responded to from an agent. Surely all chats should have at least one response from an agent before they’re closed? Or at least be read?

Is it therefore worthwhile preventing a chat from being closed without either or both of these conditions being met?

Just a thought :man_technologist:


As it’s a non-blocking model the longer wait doesn’t infuriate me but knowing it’s completely based on a non-selfish approach does make me have to question it. Clearly the system hasn’t been abused too much, but that doesn’t mean it won’t with singular people thinking their issues are the worst possible thing at that moment in time.

My main gripe with Monzo support at times has been the half-read responses where they don’t actually answer the question I’ve given. One example is when I had a payment decline issue with Apply Pay but they were modifying my card - it wasn’t until I pointed this mistake out that they then answered it correctly.

I get people make mistakes, wouldn’t expect them to be perfect - but this has happened to me multiple times and I know others too.


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The support experience has tanked for me recently. Very slow response times and often, as has been mentioned above, not fully reading the messages sent.

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Seems to be a fair few people receiving slow responses. Maybe not enough cops to cope with all the new users?

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Maybe. Thing is slow would be fine if they read the question properly. At the moment it takes days because it requires so much back and fourth.

@simonb Any update on if there are new cops? Seems a fair few people are receiving very slow response times from cops now :frowning:

Hey Chris!

In the last two weeks we made offers to about 10 new COps, most of whom started their two weeks of training yesterday. Some will be starting their training on the 27th.

We have another assessment day happening literally today! That’s when a bunch of people who have passed the application and task stage get invited to the office for a group task and individual in person interviews.

Not sure how many people are in today’s assessment day but usually 15-20 or so. We are trying to onboard new folks as quickly as possible so it’s likely that some of the people from today who land the job will join the group starting on the 27th. Some may have longer notice periods etc and will start training mid-September.

So generally speaking we should have around 20 more people fully trained up and bringing these response times down by this time next month - that’s across all shifts :slightly_smiling_face:


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