What’s going Monzo

What’s going on with monzo I have been trying to contact you guys for help money has been taken from my account but no one is replying :pleading_face:
I made the switch to full monzo but I am regretting my decision please help me


Hey @Cannatrix account specific queries can only be dealt with using in app support. I Suggest you start a query and mark it as urgent.
If money has been taken from your account it may give you reassurance to freeze your card until you’ve had a response from support.


I have been messaging for nearly 48hr with no reply and the urgent button is not there for me to press :pleading_face::pleading_face:

Live chat has “degraded performance”… Whatever that means


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Yeah I’ve noticed that. But it’s just not helping when it’s a serious issue.

Does your chat window look like this?


If you didn’t select urgent at the start, you may need to start a new thread

image image

Looks like you’re on the old chat but I still have the urgent option :thinking:

Not sure if this will help but try emailing help@monzo.com and put ‘urgent’ in the subject

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iOS… Yuck! :wink:
May be a bug

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Maybe email as urgent and link in this thread?

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Nothing wrong with with a good iPhone :joy: but that still doesn’t fix my problem :pleading_face::man_facepalming:

As the app mentions chat waiting times are pretty long at the minute, Monzo are recruiting COps as fast as they can to deal with a very large backlog due to fast growth… try messaging a member of the monzo staff like @simonb and/or email the address above and see if they can’t get this prioritised for you. In the mean time maybe freeze your card like someone else suggested just to be on the safe side, hope this gets sorted for you

Out of interest, do you have any open chats?

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Thanks I’ll and get hold of one of the staff but freezing my card is not an option because now monzo is my only account.

Yes as I have been waiting for a reply for almost 48hrs

You can freeze and unfreeze instantly, so maybe just unfreeze before you do a transaction - I think that’s what’s recommended


Yeah as @Gaoler mentioned you can freeze/unfreeze instantly so probably worthwhile doing that, if you get it marked as urgent you should hear back a lot faster and hopefully get it solved ASAP

Thanks for your help guys I’ll keep you posted.


I’m not working today but I’ve asked a colleague to look into this for you @Cannatrix. As you don’t seem to have the “Urgent” option I’ve requested we manually place your query into the Urgent queue.

Really sorry about this, we should be able to get this fixed for you shortly!


Out of interest, what has happened? Is there a transaction with a merchant you don’t recognise, cash been taken from an ATM, money been deducted from your balance, etc.?

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