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Has anyone else been experiencing much longer than usual wait times, 4 hours later and nothing? Granted its not urgent at this very moment but it would not need to be given this delay, number is too busy…

Concerned, if it was urgent, what would I do…


You get quicker help if it’s urgent.

You should contact them in app as this is where all their resource is :slight_smile: The phone is always jammed because it caters for non-customers too.

Thanks for letting me know, they are normally really fast on the app but i have had nothing in a few hours now.


I bet, is there a way of indicating if its urgent…it will be if its not resolved today I guess :slight_smile:

Yes it’s is based on how you answer the automated questions at the beginning :slight_smile:

Have you had no reply what so ever? Also bear in mind chat times are 7am - 8pm for non-urgent questions.

I have had someone join the chat now for the past 45 minutes but not replied to anything…

I picked the option “something else” so it could easily still be urgent albeit its not in this case,

Generally urgent queries are lost/stolen card, or disputing a transaction. What is it you need help with? Perhaps people on here can assist?

Disputing a transaction from a few months back…

Then you’ve gone through the wrong steps if you selected “something else”.

You’re supposed to click into the transaction, scroll to the bottom and select ‘something wrong, get help’. Transaction disputes is also an option in the chat bot too.

This then sends all the transaction details and everything they need to know straight to the relevant department. Otherwise you’re now going to delay the process further by going back and forth giving them the transaction details, answering their questions and waiting to be transferred to a specialist.

yes understood, i dont have a choice now in being able to go back or open another chat, its all very frustrating this morning where as a simple phone call would have resolved this with another bank. Thanks for coming back.

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Sadly phone support isn’t a priority, Monzo is app based so they focus all their resource there. Don’t forget you can search in the help section of the app if you get stuck next time :slight_smile: and you can still follow the steps I mentioned above regardless of already having a chat open.

when i try to do it again with another of the transactions I am disputing its reopening the old chat…i have been connected to and advisor now for 55 minutes who not said or introduced them selves. I have been a user for a while now but of late losing patience…

I’m sure they will get in touch as soon as they can. You don’t have to keep the app open, you will receive a notification when they reply so that you can carry on with your day.

I understand it is frustrating, but as long as you’ve frozen your card your money is safe :slight_smile:

Thank you

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